Imagine a world where accounting is casual and real-time.

Parashift is working on putting Robo-Accounting into reality.

The first and most difficult stage of this mission is the autonomous processing of accounting documents. Contrary to popular opinion, Document Extraction is anything but solved. Parashift’s ML-based approach delivers results not seen in the industry before.

Fundamental research in AI.

Unprecedented ML Knowledge.

The Parashift team is breaking new ground in the research of machine learning solutions. The work on ML-based Document Extraction has resulted in numerous patents and proprietary technology.

Parashift's versatile ML Platform.

We have built our own machine learning platform that combines simple and efficient data and model management with human annotation of a very large pool of aggregated data. Nothing comparable exists.

Deep learning from Humans.

Multidimensional Machine Learning Clusters learn particularly well and quickly from human interactions. We use this effect and scale our efficiency accordingly.


We are convinced that technology empowers mankind to improve and further develop itself. Our technology helps to make paradigm shifts in the way work is done. New technology creates a multitude of new possibilities whose exploitation makes people their task again. Technology creates a multitude of new exciting tasks. Nothing is more fragile than the status quo.

Our responsibility is to ensure that we only work with people who share the same basic humanist beliefs. For this reason, we do not work with companies that manufacture weapons, war equipment or harmful substances. Furthermore, we refuse to cooperate with religious or seductive organizations of any kind. We also reject companies known for corruption, child labour, slave labour, prostitution or other unethical practices.


Leadership Team.

Andre Bieler

Chief AI Officer. Leading the team of Machine Learning researchers and being the major ML architect.

Jan-Hendrik Heuing

CTO & Co-Founder. Leading and overseeing all technology initiatives and product development.

Manuela Rohr

COO. Leading and coordinating operations.

Alain Veuve

CEO & Founder. Leading strategy, business and product engineering.

Did you know?

  • The founders of Parashift have a lot of experience in building technology companies.
  • Parashift builds proprietary AI technology that didn’t exist before.
  • The Robo-Accounting API is the first of its kind.