Parashift Company Update January 2019

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to write in the last 30 days. There are two very good reasons for this; there is too much going on and we as a team are busy with the expansion at the moment.

New people

In the last weeks we were able to hire several new people. I will be happy to introduce them personally in the next weeks. Altogether we have 3 new developers in the team and are at the final stages of discussion of an additional person in the Machine Learning team. We also have a final list of candidates for our key position, Head of Sales & Business Development.

What particularly pleases me is that there are certainly more pleasant and better positioned companies for high-tech jobs on balance, but we still have an enormous influx of great candidates. And the candidates we are allowed to talk to are here for the right reasons – they want to make a difference and are willing to take the risk (and if we are successful, to profit disproportionately). We had several candidates who come to us from highly paid but super boring and probably meaningless jobs and are satisfied with only a third of their current pay. This enables us to onboard really great and experienced people. Being with us for the “right” reasons seems to be more and more a decisive success factor.

Parashift Platform

We are also on track with the completion of our SaaS product Parashift Platform. Although we could not save much time compared to our planning, the development is promising. Again and again I learn what an enormous advantage it is to be able to start on the white paper. As a result, one of our highest priorities is to keep our technical debt as low as possible.

New customers

The API products experience quite astonishing popularity without any notable “ad spend”. In the last 4 weeks we have been able to develop a large number of qualified leads and I can hardly keep up with the processing. In order to ease this situation, an experienced solution specialist will join our team in March.

“Parashift Cluster for Partners”

We are learning more and more that integrators and partners want to use our cluster to learn other, sometimes a bit exotic, document types. Our cluster is prepared for this and we can offer a corresponding product in the coming months. Since all our products are built in a decentralized overall architecture, the various products can also be connected and combined accordingly. We are also in the process of adapting the infrastructure so that processing and storage locations can be selected for each country. We don’t know of anything comparable on the market and have received a lot of encouragement from some very important players. It’s great to get so much input and advice and criticism from partners.

Partner Program

We also realize that it makes sense for the integrators to set up an appropriately formalized partner program. The basic decision has already been made, but I think it will take several months to learn exactly how it should be designed. Anyone who has input is welcome to talk to me.