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The AI-based document extraction solution for software vendors, BPOs and large enterprises.

Combine three ways to extract documents.

“Basic Extraction”
Send documents to Parashift Document Center (PDC) and receive the extraction result a few seconds later. PDC recognizes the document type and reads the relevant fields. This option is ideal for software manufacturers who want to extract invoice data in their application.

Validate the extraction results with your team and play back the results automatically using the same standardized API. At the moment we support the document types invoice and voucher. You simply create your own individual document types* and define which fields are to be read.

“Full Extraction”
Get fully validated extraction results directly from PDC. Parashift validates fully GDPR compliant results using a combination of technological and human measures and delivers them via the API. Simply so, without a cumbersome project setup.


Simply open an account and start processing documents.

Human-machine validation on a completely new level.

Parashift combines the validation of all users and the machine learnings from it to a general set of models that can process all document types autonomously over time.

We call it the Parashift Document Network. All customers benefit from the common learnings. And, of course, without exchanging document data. The solution is fully GDPR compliant.


Low Setup & Run Costs

Forget high upfront license cost and the 18% maintenance trap. We’re ready to help and support, but you can integrate PDC easily yourself with your team.

No Setup & Instant Start

Just sign up on PDC an start extracting documents. There is a 14 days trial and you can start instantly. We’re happy to discuss individual setups.

Cloud First

Although we offer an on-premise option, we do not recommend it. Today, there is hardly a factual reason to run an on-premise setup. In 2019, it’s “on-cloud”.


Transactional billing

Our pricing model is easy and affordable; a small monthly supscription and a discounted volume pricing on actual transactions. Start small – get instant ROI.

100% validated results

By using the “Full extraction” option of PDC you can instantly cut all your validation work. It’s cheaper, faster and does not need any project setup.


Extraction results are provided through our API. This means you can easily integrate results into your workflows & software components.

Validation interface

We have created a modern and fast validation interface, which we are constantly expanding through the experience we gain. No training is necessary for operation.

Custom document types

While we have started with accounting documents, we are rapidly implementing all other document types of daily business. We are happy to learn from requirements.

Aggregated learning

Great things happen when people and machines work together. PDC makes sure that learnings from all the work is made available to all users on the platform.

Standardized and individual document types.

On the Parashift Document Center Platform, there are document types standardized by Parashift and individual ones defined by the customer.

Individual document types can also have a standard document type as a template. This makes it easy to learn additional fields, e.g. on an invoice.

Documents from the following areas will be developed in the future: Tax, general ail, human resources, logistics, identity documents, real estate, banking, insurance, contracts and many more.

*individual document types will be available in Q4/2019



A platform constantly learning from documents processed.

Parashift combines a variety of machine learning techniques to read and understand documents. The system does not use templates or forms and is therefore able to process completely new documents without any preparation or learning phase.


Upload a test invoice for basic extraction

Test the processing of german speaking invoice documents using the Parashift Document Center Basic Extraction. Enter your data, then simply upload a file and you will receive the result in a few seconds (by uploading and subscribing to the newsletter you agree to our privacy policy).

Run a simple invoice extraction test

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