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Increased competition, shrinking margins, and operational inefficiencies due to manual processes are major challenges facing companies around the world. When it comes to acquiring new customers and retaining top accounts, cutting prices is not an option. Automation is one way to offer superior service at a low cost. Using Parashift’s powerful document extraction you can improve efficiency and add value to your accounting and business services.

Use preconfigured document type to extract data from accounting documents, with no project or training needed.

Implement the Parashift Platform into your workflows to increase straight-through processing (STP) and reduce costs.

Automate extraction of delivery notes, invoices, and other documents, and eliminate the need for post-processing OCR results.

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At Parashift, we build on industry expertise of our partners to always provide you with the best possible solutions.

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  • Receipt/invoice
  • Credit card statement
  • Tax documents
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & loss statement
  • Account statement
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Dunning documents
  • Closing statement
  • Statement of expense

Extract information from your accounting documents

Manually capturing data from documents like invoices, credit card statements, and receipts takes a lot of valuable time and resources. With the Parashift Platform your highly skilled accountants can once again focus on what they do best, while you transform your business processes and regain agility.

Some of the things we enable you to do

Parashift’s solution for Procure-to-Pay processes powers expansion of AP automation and enables fully automatic bookings.

Automate order reconciliations

After you receive an invoice from one of your suppliers, the subsequent step is to reconcile the data on the invoice with the matching purchase order, receipt, or contract data in your system. Using Parashift’s technology, you can be confident that the invoice is correct and you are billed for what you actually ordered.

Automatically check for payments

After approved invoices have been paid, a confirmation is required to complete the transaction. With Parashift, you can automatically extract bank statements and create bookings, instead of building a costly interface from your banking to your ERP system, or worse – getting this information manually.

Automatic routings for approval processes

One of the main pain points in the procurement process is efficiently routing and managing approval processes. Parashift delivers metadata that lets you address this with dynamic rule-based approval routings. Or, create your individual document workflow and tracking.

Gradually automate your bookings

Manual accounting is repetitive, tedious, and costly. With Parashift’s advanced technologies and cultivated rule-based posting system, you can use extracted metadata from invoices and map it with your internal chart of accounts, to increase shadow processing.

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We want to make it as easy as possible to integrate powerful data capture technology into your existing software infrastructure and business processes. It's why we focus on building interfaces into the most popular enterprise software available.

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Most documents relevant to accounting processes can be extracted with an out-of-the-box solution. Parashift lets you process documents like offers, orders, order confirmation, delivery note, pro-forma invoices, invoices, receipts, credit notes, and dunning documents without any configuration or training. You get super fast time-to-solution and low-cost implementation.

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