Upgrade your claims processing with AI OCR

Optimize your healthcare claims processing workflow with AI-based data capture software.

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Streamline your medical claims processing

Automatically capture claims data from a wide range of forms and bills, and scale as required.

Parashift Platform can handle all your claim forms and related documents, regardless of layout and format. Our advanced technology eliminates human involvement, to dramatically reduce processing costs.

  • Up to three times lower costs
  • Never create and curate templates again
  • Make customers happy faster

3 x

Lower costs

Streamline your claims processing to lower costs up to three times, and recover valuable margins.

98 %

Extraction accuracy

Take advantage of our optional zero post-processing option, with an SLA of >98% on field level.

100 %

Eliminate templates

We provide flexible pre-configured and trained extraction models, so you can stop wasting time on templates.

Effective claims automation to protect profit margins

We help you improve processing times, accuracy, and insights across your entire claims process.

With Parashift’s advanced automation you can process more claims with fewer operators and greater accuracy, avoid raising premiums, improve relationships with providers and subscribers — while protecting profit margins.

  • Eliminate tedious manual keying
  • Reduce cycles and processing time, and speed payments

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Ready to transform your claims processing?

Integrate Parashift to dramatically cut costs and increase efficiency.

Parashift helps you reduce manual, paper-based tasks and increase claims processing efficiency, to save valuable time and resources.

Using our advanced technology, you can eliminate keying errors and take immediate action on provider errors, to ensure only clean claims are sent out.

Stop wasting valuable resources on manual data entry. Let Parashift power your automated document processing with fast, reliable results.

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