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Parashift empowers you to easily and quickly set up custom-made document types and regain agility.

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Creating a new doc type? Get it done fast and easy

Extensive customer feedback reveals that creating and configuring new document types in legacy solutions is tedious and time consuming.  Other solutions often take days and require costly specialist support.

Parashift does it differently. Our flexible and user-friendly platform lets you create new document types without any IT knowledge or experience. This compliments our ready-to-use standard document types, so you always have options to choose from.

Parashift is there every step of the way, to guide and support you with set up for production-ready configuration.

Save BIG on expensive projects, significantly reduce time-to-solution, and extract data from your unique document types in minutes.

  • Step-by-step guidance for configurations
  • Make use of pretrained extractors
  • Automate even low-volume doc types

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Business value

More than 80% of enterprise data is unstructured and difficult to use, according to Gartner Research. We help you turn this data into valuable business insights.


Set up time

Use our convenient drag-and-drop system and be ready to go in as little as 30 minutes. Depending on the complexity of your extraction requirements, times may vary.

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Ready-to-use extractors

For a super-fast implementation of document extraction, we provide an ever-growing number of pre-trained extraction workers.

Simple, powerful doc type editor

Parashift Platform allows you to quickly and easily set up your own document types.

Our first-of-its-kind solution comes with all relevant abstractions, so your teams won’t need to deal with unnecessary complexity or spend weeks setting up extraction functionalities.

  • Industry-specific extraction workers
  • Drag&drop AI functionalities
  • Build on top of presets

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Integrate Parashift to dramatically cut costs and increase efficiency

Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing, easily and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing software to provide a value-added service to your business processes.

Ready-to-use document types make it easy to get started. Or, quickly create new document types with our user-friendly document type editor.

Stop wasting valuable resources on manual data entry. Let Parashift power your automated document processing, with fast and reliable results.


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