Automatically extract data from custom forms

Significantly reduce manual labor costs by fully automating data capture from any kind of form.

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Stop spending time on manual data entry

Parashift Platform transforms your incoming forms into actionable data streams, regardless of structure or complexity.

Using modern OCR technology, you can convert paper or digital forms into business-ready data for workflows and further processing.

  • Drastically reduce manual data entry
  • Boost our workforce's throughput
  • Significantly reduce processing costs
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Configure custom forms

Quickly set up custom forms for extraction with a variety of functionalities and pretrained extraction models.

Read checkboxes & more

Parashift Platform offers pre-trained extractors for checkboxes, barcodes, signatures, and much more.

Built for any software stack

Easily integrate Parashift into your existing software with our REST API, to get your project up and running.

Facilitate comprehensive process automation

Automatically and accurately capture data from custom forms, to streamline downstream processes.

Simplify your processing operations and create a basis to increase straight-through processing (STP).

  • Cut out significant bottlenecks
  • Fuel business process automation with high-quality data

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Ready to transform the way you handle custom forms?

Integrate Parashift and immediately cut costs drastically.

Automatically classify multiple form types to eliminate document sorting and reduce manual data entry. Parashift Platform is pre-trained to work out-of-the-box on applications, claims, taxes, census forms, and revisions. You can even extract handwritten text and information from checkboxes and barcodes.

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