Toni Schunda, our Presales and Solution Engineer

Hey Toni, we are delighted to have you on board! To know more about your project within Parashift, I’ve decided to do a short introduction interview 🙂

First, can you please explain in a few sentences who you are and how did you come to Parashift? 

I am Toni, I come from a town near Munich, and I have been working “in the Digitalisation World” for more than 18 years now. In the past, I learned several Capture-solutions and heard about Parashift as a new AI Capturing Company that is growing fast and getting more and more known. I am working for Parashift as a Presales and Solution Engineer and am very happy about this.

Great to have you on the team! What do you like about working in an Artificial Intelligence company? 

A company like Parashift is modern and future-oriented. Working in such a company, I can bring my long experience to this future orientation. I am sure this can get an additional drive into what we are doing and planning.

What are your first impressions of the Parashift team’s ambitions? And how do you think you can contribute to the company’s success? 

I am very impressed with the planning and the visions of the Parashift team. There are so many ideas to grow, to make us better, and last but not least, to help all our partners and customers to automate the work and the document/information handling.

What is the biggest challenge for you in acquiring this new position? 

One of my challenges is, of course, to learn very fast. All I need to know about the Parashift platform, the company, and the processes: I do my best, so I am sure that I can support the whole team in a short RampUp time.

We are so happy about that! How do you see the future of Parashift in 5 years?

Only one sentence: I am sure Parashift will get one of the top Leaders in the AI Capturing market.

I like your determination to push Parashift to the top! This interview could not have ended better!

Thanks for all your answers Toni! All the members of Parashift are happy to welcome you to the team and wish you a lot of success in your projects!