Stefan Fust

Hello Stefan, I’m looking forward to finding out more about the person who just became the band leader of says guys. Let me start by asking you a universal question: Who are you?

I am Stefan Fust, 33 years old and living in Zurich. In my free time I spend o lot of time with sportive activities, but I know how to balance this with enough binge-watching of new TV shows. Sometimes I still pick up a guitar and if I am in the mood sing along. As soon as I start reading a book I know I will lose a couple of hours of sleep because I have a hard time putting it down when it gets late.

You seem to be a very active person, with a lot of interests. That’s great! What excites you about Artificial Intelligence or inspired you to become one of the core elements of an AI startup?

I have already been working for another Swiss-based IT startup. Parashift intrigued me for several reasons. There is an experienced team in all departments, a clear and powerful vision of what we will change in the world and how it will impact companies and people’s lives.

Very interesting. If you had to give three words to describe the direction you want to take with your new team at Parashift, what would they be?

To quote the philosopher Buzz Lightyear and therefore allowing myself one additional word: “To infinity… and beyond!”

Good one! I know what you mean and I share your point of you. What are your predictions, wishes, or goals for the future of the company?

My goal is to build together with the team a scalable sales and marketing machine that will allow us to grow fast and does the genius concept and approach of the product justice… and have fun while doing it.

Excellent! What are your superpowers, abilities, or skills that allow you to achieve them?

The expectation from a successful sales is often that “he can sell ice to an eskimo”. But what does this mean? An eskimo has no need for ice, so you are basically saying you are selling a product to a customer that has no purpose for it (most likely by annoying your prosects until they buy just to shut you up). I do not believe that this is a sustainable approach, especially in an enterprise B2B environment. Therefore, I’d say my superpower is the focus the sales and marketing on what really matters: Discovering real pains and issues in conversations with prospects for which Parashift brings the ideal solution to the table.

Makes a whole lot of sense. Thank you for your explanations. You arrived a few weeks ago, and I’d like to get your first impression of the company and the team ????

With some years of startup experience already under my belt, I learned not to romanticize the “startup life”. It’s hard work and especially in an initial growing phase a lot of processes, information, structures etc. still must be established (and afterward changed and adapted on a regular basis). I love the energy, openness and also awareness the whole Parashift teams brings into this process. The people here at Parashift are outstanding in their respective fields and I am looking forward to the journey ahead of us.

Do you have any books, movies, or podcasts that you would like to share with us that reflect your vision of life, work, or otherwise?

I have a handful of sales methodologies and process books I reference regularly but I do not think they are interesting for most people to read. I’d therefore much rather recommend some more entertaining content: Stuff you should know (podcast), Zeit Verbrechen (podcast, only German), Broadchurch (crime TV series), Taskmaster (UK comedy show), everything from Martin Suter (Swiss writer).

Interesting choices. I will have a look on it! Thank you so much for all your answers and the conversation. Your enthusiasm will take the team far, I have no doubt about it!