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Join a rocket ship 🚀

Parashift is a perfect place to work for the versatile, the supportive, the impatient doers, and most importantly, the obsessively user-focused. As a new Parashiftian, you’re joining us in the first chapter of our story, and you’re expected to play a major role in how it unfolds by getting shit done.


A place for builder

Not only will you be developing the next phase of the automated enterprise but you will also be working with exceptional people who insist on doing their best to get there. People with relentlessly high standards who inspire their colleagues to do more and go further.


Grow with Parashift

Parashift’s organization is characterized by a flat structure. We value engineers and managers who are experts in their fields and are hands-on but also focused on developing talent and shaping a successful business. At Parashift, you can have a big impact and advance your career without leading anyone. Prove yourself with action and grow from the challenges and develop into the areas where you feel at home and can excel.

Frequently asked questions

How does the interview process look like? chevron_right

That depends very much on the role. But basically, we have two shorter conversations where we get to know each other better. This is followed by an assignment that has to be solved and presented. If necessary, there is another exchange with someone from management before we make a concrete offer.

How soon can I expect feedback? chevron_right

You can expect to hear back within 48 hours of receiving your application during business days.

How will the conversation take place? chevron_right

We are currently following the instructions of the Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG). In principle, however, we are flexible and value 1:1 contact.

Do you provide relocation assistance? chevron_right

Yes, we do. We support you with the formalities, use our network to help you find an apartment and help organize the move.

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