Reduce turnaround time and costs in mortgage and financing applications

Capture data from loan process documents without configuring rules or templates. Leverage the world’s most accurate and versatile cloud OCR software platform.

Read credit application documents automatically

Ideal for medium and large global enterprises. 14 days trial and demo.


Digitizes your mortgage dossier, and over 300 other document types

Integrate OCR recognition of document data and classification of documents where you need it via an easy-to-integrate, powerful API. Typical funding application documents can be enabled:

  • Salary accounting and wage statement
  • Cadastral plans
  • Pension fund statements
  • Building insurance certificate
  • Land register excerpt
  • Land charge contract
  • Building lease agreement

You can create new, individual document types and use the data immediately in your credit application or CRM.

Used by the greatest global customers and partners.


Parashift Customers

Use artificial intelligence to digitize the credit process

Start with 90% accuracy

Compared to 30% for traditional solutions, thanks to AI. Increase efficiency, reduce cycle time.

Hundreds of use cases

Whether it’s mortgage applications, loan origination, loan applications – process all your use case documents through a single API

High detail flexibility

Configure the fields you want to read from documents via the API yourself. Save time.

Roul Steigauf
Renjith Mohan
Bobby Leu
Guy Jerusalmi

Industry-grade API

Integrate via the cloud API and use artificial intelligence immediately in your applications and processes. Just like that.

Deep OCR Cloud API

Parashift’s machine learning swarm technology combines learning data from all credit use cases and customers on the platform.

Enterprise-class OCR API security and compliance

Parashift runs in ISO27001 and HIPAA-compliant data centers. Secure credit document cloud software.

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