Enabler of hyperautomation in large enterprises

Out-of-the-box solutions and a global data network allow data extraction from documents without templates. No matter what document type and volume.

Intelligent Document Processing

Out-of-the-box solutions

Over 200+ standard document types shorten time-to-value & ensure fast ROI.

Global data network

Document training is used globally and ensures high-performance out-of-the-box solutions.

Continuous training

Parashift is always improving without dedicated training cycles to minimize manual work.

No-code throughout

Automation is no longer reserved for techies. With Parashift, it can be done without IT involvement.

Customers realized over 50%
cost savings after 6 months


Working on 4,000 out-of-the-box solutions

Parashift is designed to process all documents in an organization. Thanks to out-of-the-box solutions powered by Document Swarm Learning™, you can significantly reduce time-to-solution and accelerate business processes faster.

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Improves performance continuously during production

The platform learns from all interactions with documents, improving performance without additional effort. What’s more, with out-of-the-box solutions, not only you but all our customers contribute.

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Automation for small and high-volume document types

Whether small or high volume, Parashift is your one-stop solution for enterprise document automation. Process all your documents with software support.

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Classify hundreds of document types

Parashift’s AI cluster lets you automatically classify supported standard document types or set up your own classes within minutes.

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Capture data points without templates, layout-independent

Get document data in structured form without creating templates for each layout.

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Security and compliance are the focus

We consider EU GDPR and data security as two of our most important features. Parashift is used by its customers for the most sensitive documents. If security and compliance are very important to you, Parashift is the right solution for you.

  • Trusted by well-known brands
  • State-of-the-art security features
  • Fully EU-GDPR compliant
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Third-party integrations

Parashift’s partners have built integrations with a variety of document-related third-party systems. More will follow on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, integrate Parashift into your own application via our developer-friendly REST API.

  • Use prebuilt integrations
  • Create prototypes quickly
  • Super short time-to-value
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Global trust with companies

Start your hyperautomation journey

Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing. Simply and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing application landscape to add value to your business processes and reduce costs.

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