An option to eliminate 100% of your ``check & correct`` work

Capture 100% of data and consume reliable, fully validated document data through the Parashift API.

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Always get correct data, even with complex documents

Imagine an Intelligent Document Processing solution that can guarantee extraction accuracy. Welcome to Parashift. You instantly get fully validated classification and data extraction, all out of our API. Say goodbye to tedious manual work, for good!

  • Optionally available for almost any document type, including individual document types
  • Different compliance zones available
  • Free your employees from manual check & correct processes
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Get documents done

We help you get documents done, so you can get back to value-added activities. Stop wasting keystrokes on data entry.

Boost automation

Accurate and reliable data means you can automate simple or complex business processes, with robust precision.

Save valuable resources

Stop wasting resources on manual data capture. Let Parashift do the work, while you focus on new opportunities.

Out-of-the-box straight-through processing for invoices, orders, delivery notes and order confirmations

Ready for you out of the box, no ramp up, no set-up project, just an API to work with.

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Bring your own BPO

Is your company already working with a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider? Onboard the organization to Parashift Platform.

Parashift Platform is used by various BPOs globally to provide world-class data validation services. Think of Parashift as a solution marketplace around document data extraction. Choose your best option from this marketplace or bring your own BPO partner.

  • Combine services from different BPOs over one secure platform and integration
  • Get all your document use cases fully validated, simply via the API
  • Combine BPO-based validation with your own validation team work, all in one platform
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No headaches, no hassle, no experiments

Say goodbye to endless proof of concepts slowing your digital transformation projects. With Parashift straight-through processing options you get your document processing workflows done literally overnight. It’s as simple as integrating the Parashift API into your applications, and you’re done.

  • Fuel automation software with accurate document data
  • Scale your automation initiatives across departments
  • Do all the cool things that previously were impossible
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Trusted by companies worldwide

Skip all things related to document processing!

Integrate Parashift to entirely eliminate manual data entry and dramatically cut costs.

Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing, easily and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing software to provide a value-added service to your business processes.

Ready-to-use document types make it easy to get started. Or, quickly create new document types with our user-friendly document type editor.

Stop wasting valuable resources on manual data entry. Let Parashift power your automated document processing, with fast and reliable results.

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