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We're building the technology that leads to the global universal no-touch IDP API.

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Continuous & autonomous machine learning

Continuously learning on the job is one of the most efficient ways of getting better. This is why with Parashift you don’t need to run dedicated training cycles anymore.

All users benefit from all learnings

Thanks to Parashift’s Swarm Learning, learning efforts are globally leveraged. As every document contributes to the learning, you benefit from all improvements made on the platform.

A ``no set-up, no touch`` approach

Parashift is hellbent to produce as many standard document types as possible. Those are ready-made out-of-the-box capabilities that don’t require a lot of configurations or validation work.

Strictly no-code throughout

Parashift transfers the power over document automation to the customer. The platform is consistently built according to the “no-code” principle. You don’t need to be a developer or data scientist.


Rapidly learning on the job

One of the most efficient ways is to learn while working on the job. With Parashift, there is no set-up training period, therefore, no extra work. You just start with out-of-the-box capabilities and reduce the time your staff spends on document processing from day one. The fully automated machine learning cluster learns perpetually and decides which learning is useful for you. By doing so, your document processes get automated quickly, without any additional efforts.

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Document Swarm Learning™

Parashift Swarm Learning technology is a game-changer in the field of Intelligent Document Processing. By aggregating all interactions of all documents and customers – but not the actual data, of course – and using them for consolidated, platform-wide learning, all users benefit from the learning progress in a fast and integrated way. This process runs autonomously, and the data shows that the platform learns at tremendous speed.

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“Look mommy, no hands”

Everything we do at Parashift is aimed at providing a system that can support the most common document processes globally without setup or configuration. That’s because we’re building the global infrastructure for fully horizontal, universal Intelligent Document Processing by deploying tens of thousands of standard document types over time.

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Power to you, power to our clients

We believe that the days of product specialists who have to be bought in at great expense are a relic of the last century. Digital technology must be usable without special training! That’s why we have built the Parashift Platform consistently as a no-code solution. Anyone who can operate a PC can also work with our platform.

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