A global data network for fast time-to-solution

Large projects with hundreds of document types can be completed in up to 4x fewer person days than with legacy solutions.

Parashift Network

Hundreds of document types

Customers use Parashift to read hundreds of document types for different processes, all from one central solution.

Up to 4x less setup effort

A repository of standard solutions for document types and data points shortens the timeframe for large projects.

Scale easily & quickly across departments

New customers double their document workloads in a matter of weeks by adding new cases easily and quickly.

Complexity and cost reduction

Parashift replaces niche capture solutions and provides one interface for requirements from all business areas.

Document Swarm Learning™ across document types and customers

The best attempt to make 99.99% extraction accuracy a reality.

Document Swarm Learning
Overview Document Types

Capture document data without configuration or training

Upload documents and let the machine automatically classify and extract them without creating templates. Thanks to out-of-the-box solutions and Document Swarm Learning™, you get a shortcut in your digitization project and fast scalability.

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Customize standards or create your very own model

Standard document types can be copied and adapted to your own needs by deleting or adding fields. Alternatively, completely new custom document types and models can be created within a few minutes.

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One platform for all documents

Specialized niche solutions for dedicated use cases can be gradually replaced, minimizing complexity and operating costs. Parashift is the central capture solution for most customers’ service-oriented architecture.

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Software Landscape

Finally, even low volume

cases can be automated

No headaches, no hassle, no experiments

Say goodbye to endless proofs of concepts that slow down your digital transformation projects. With Parashift’s straight-through processing options, you can literally slay your document processing workflows overnight. Parashift handles document processing, including data validation. All you do is integrate the Parashift API into your applications and you’re done.

  • Provide automation software with correct document data
  • Scale your automation initiatives across departments
  • Make you do all the cool things that were impossible before
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Accuare Metadata

Global trust with companies

Start your hyperautomation journey

Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing. Simply and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing application landscape to add value to your business processes and reduce costs.

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