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Parashift helps you eliminate 100% of your invoice data entry work.

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No setup

No initial setup, configuration, training, big infrastructure, licensing or difficult implementation required.

Pay per document

Super easy and straightforward pricing. Pay only for the documents you process, with no monthly fees.

Scale fast

With our scalable cloud infrastructure, you can instantly scale up or down as needed by your use case.

Excellent data quality

Parashift goes beyond OCR and data capture to validate extracted data, so you don’t have to.

We support the most important Procure to Pay (P2P) documents

Increase efficiency of  your accounts payable (AP) department in a meaningful way.

With Parashift, you can process most common procurement documents:

  • Receipt/invoice
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Offer/quote
  • Order/purchase order
  • Order confirmation
  • Delivery statement/note
  • Credit note
  • Dunning documents
  • Dunning fees

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Fast and easy implementation

Using AI-based Accounts Payable processing has never been easier. It just works – no setup or training required. Simply integrate our REST API to your preferred software or use a third-party plugin and immediately start processing invoices and delivery notes.

Zero post-processing

The solution for invoice data: no templates, no document setup and no post-validation of OCR results. AP data extraction that simply works. Parashift allows you to save valuable time for your AP staff instead of wasting it on mundane manual tasks of data entry and validation.

Low cost & Pay-as-You-Go

We do not charge a base fee. Instead, you simply pay for AP automated data capture and intelligent invoice processing on a document volume basis. This results in a positive ROI on day one. It’s never been easier to start automating and scaling your AP process.

Process invoices automatically and with perfect accuracy. Parashift’s AI OCR with human validation revolutionizes your Accounts Payable. Never think about data veracity on your invoices again.
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Process invoices without verifying OCR extraction results

Process invoices automatically, with guaranteed accuracy.

Parashift’s AI OCR combined with human validation revolutionizes your accounts payable process. So you can say goodbye to manual document processing, for good.

  • Immediately cut out 100% of human interaction
  • Allocate saved resources on value-adding tasks
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Addresses chevron_right

Returning the complete address and tax ID of a sender and receiver lets you immediately match documents with the correct supplier or tenant.

  • Name
  • Street
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Country
  • VAT ID
General information chevron_right

General information gives you context and helps with automatic processing.

  • Document date
  • Document number
  • Delivery date
  • Order number
  • Reference
Amounts chevron_right

To process invoices and order confirmations automatically, or to deliver accounting record suggestions with header data only, we always extract a total amount. Depending on the tax rate, we can also extract at least one partial amount.

  • Net amount (total + partial amount for each tax rate)
  • Tax amount (total + partial amount for each tax rate)
  • Total amount (total + partial amount for each tax rate)

Moreover, we also deliver the following amount relevant fields:

  • Tax rate(s)
  • Currency
  • Total discount in %
  • Total discount as amount
Payment conditions and payment methods chevron_right

We return one or more payment conditions. For example, when there’s a combination of payment conditions like «10 days 2% discount or otherwise 30 net». If the invoice was already paid, we also provide the payment method, including credit card, cash, PayPal, or any other.

  • Payment conditions (one or several)
  • Payment method
Payment details chevron_right

To immediately and accurately initiate corresponding invoice payments, we provide recognized bank data.

  • IBAN
  • BIC
  • Account number (old)
Line items chevron_right

To conduct a detailed order reconciliation, or compare existing agreements from suppliers, many use cases rely on exact line item data. Where needed, we extract the following line item data:

  • Corresponding order
  • Corresponding delivery note
  • Delivery date
  • Article numbers
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit
  • Unit amount
  • Item total amount
  • Tax rate
  • Discount in %

Readout line item data of the highest quality (>98%)

Make your manual data entry work instantly obsolete. Automatically read P2P documents using AI-based OCR. Invoice scanning and data capture are easy and affordable even for very low volumes. Don’t just reduce manual invoice data entry, skip it altogether!

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Quality assurance, error correction and the first steps

We focus on constantly improving our processes to deliver high quality results.

If unreadable documents are submitted or missing pages are detected, we provide a corresponding error message, including “document unreadable” or “document incomplete”.

We work closely with new customers to make sure the Parashift Platform quickly and efficiently adapts to new documents from their respective industry. We also take great care to ensure that all documents are processed correctly.

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Parashift helps you automate Procure to Pay documents processing. From offer to dunning documents, we easily integrate with your existing software.

Ready-to-use document types make it easy to get started. Or, quickly create new document types with our user-friendly document type editor.

Stop wasting valuable time and resources on manual data entry. Let Parashift power your automated document processing with fast, reliable results.

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