Intelligent document extraction solution for real estate agencies

Real estate agencies and investors are currently facing unique challenges and opportunities. Increased demand for commercial and residential real estate means an influx of documents and unstructured data for most management companies. Managing documents, in addition to tenant demands and uncertain returns, is time consuming. When it comes to accurate and reliable document extraction, Parashift is what you’ve been looking for.

Streamline document-based processes with powerful AI technology.

Turn incoming documents into data streams that fuel workflows and IT applications.

Save valuable resources, eliminate tedious paperwork, and regain agility.

Working with our partners, we help you implement impactful use cases

At Parashift, we build on industry expertise of our partners to always provide you with the best possible solutions.

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  • Lease agreement/contract
  • Incidental expenses settlement
  • Mortgage contract
  • Mortgage statement
  • Apartment acceptance

Extract information from your real estate documents

Real estate management companies generate hundreds of documents for their clients each year. Best-in-class service to tenants, property owners, and other stakeholders requires an efficient way to automate document processing. Parashift’s cutting-edge data extraction technology helps you increase agility and significantly reduce operating costs.

Shortlist of things we enable you to do

Integrate AI OCR to fuel corporate-wide workflow automation and operational efficiency.

Offer seamless tenant onboarding

Tenants expect convenience when dealing with their property management company. With automated document processing you can offer a fully digital and seamless onboarding workflow that will delight new tenants and strengthen loyalty.

Automatically extract relevant data

Your property managers have a heavy workload and are often pulled into doing menial tasks like data entry and document processing. Parashift helps lighten their load while increasing productivity through automated document data processing.

Create a self-service portal

By providing tenants and other stakeholders with an online portal, you streamline communication and business processes. But as soon as documents come into play, human interaction is required again. AI OCR puts an end to this cycle.

Mailroom automation across channels

Deploy digital mailroom automation to automatically extract and validate information from incoming business mail, and automatically assign the documents to their respective property owner, tenant, or construction.

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Software our customers have integrated us with

We want to make it as easy as possible to integrate powerful data capture technology into your existing software infrastructure and business processes. It's why we focus on building interfaces into the most popular enterprise software available.

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Integrate Parashift to dramatically cut costs and increase efficiency.

Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing, easily and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing software to provide a valuable service for your business processes.

Ready-to-use document types make it easy to get started. Or, quickly create new document types with our user-friendly document type editor.

Stop wasting valuable resources on manual data entry. Let Parashift power your automated document processing, with fast and reliable results.

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