A battle-tested and strictly protected extraction platform

The Parashift Platform offers a range of security features, including annual penetration tests, to protect your data according to the latest IT security standards.

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Data security

Data protection is of paramount importance

The strictest confidentiality and protection against unauthorized access to customer data are at the heart of everything we do.

Parashift takes all necessary measures to protect your data. We ensure at all stages of processing, that your data is stored or processed in accordance with European data protection regulations.

  • Meaningful investments in security & compliance
  • 2FA and permission-based access control
  • We highly value integrity
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Security at the core

We invest resources to meet the highest standard of confidentiality and security.

Rigorous software development

Superior security comes from strict and reliable software development standards.

A proactive approach

Regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans enable us to take proactive measures.

We organize annual penetration tests & vulnerability scans with third-parties

To ensure your data is fully protected, we work with external organizations and perform penetration tests annually.

Penetration tests and vulnerability scans help us avoid critical security gaps. They also provide meaningful insights into important aspects of our software, and potential points of attack in our infrastructure.

  • Proactive measures against breaches
  • Regular examinations
  • Continuous improvement in software development

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