Accelerate digital transformation with Intelligent Document Processing

Digital processes are slowed down by documents. Parashift Platform puts you in the driver's seat to automate your document associated processes on your own. Now you are digitally enabled.

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OCR data extraction

100+ global customers trust Parashift

Faster time-to-automation

Use out-of-the-box document automation instead of spending lots of time and money on configuration.

Any document, any process

Even very low-volume documents can be automated. Process any type of document that circulates in your organization.

Higher Accuracy

Parashift’s Document Swarm Learning technology is constantly learning and improving rapidly.

No-code app for Intelligent Document Processing

We believe that digital transformation should be fast, straightforward, and accessible for anyone. That’s why you don’t need to have programming skills to automate document capture with the Parashift Platform.

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Added value
Human in the Loop

Minimize manual work and continuously train the AI engine

Use Parashift and save valuable time for your employees. With every correction your employees make, our AI improves, taking more and more work out of capturing data from your documents.

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Empower your service-oriented architecture

We believe the days of monoliths are over. As a child of service-oriented architecture, Parashift integrates easily and seamlessly into your existing application landscape. As a result, applications are suddenly able to work with documents much faster.

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A central point of universal Intelligent Document Processing for your applications

There are hundreds of vertical solutions for very specific use cases, which leaves you with a messy document processing stack from a range of providers with different interfaces. Parashift completely changes your game for digital transformation by providing a central and universal document capture hub for all your existing applications. Easy to integrate, easy to adapt.

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Why companies like yours chose Parashift

Capture invoice and other data immediately

Eliminate 100% of your manual invoice data entry work in an instant.

Solve your document use case quickly

Time-to-solution is typically less than 1 week.

Lean Pay-as-You-Go pricing

Cloud SaaS pay-per-use pricing makes it easy for you to make use of Intelligent Document Processing.

Any document, any language, any process

Start with one document use case and add more as you need them. No additional licenses, no hassle. Just progress.

Fully EU-GDPR compliant solution

Data security and data compliance are at the core of everything we do. The platform is operated in ISO27001 and HIPAA-compliant data centers.

Work with fun and great people

The Parashift ecosystem is unlike anything else in the automation space. Straightforward, free of bullshit, getting things done.

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An AI platform constantly learning!

Parashift is a comprehensive Human-in-the-Loop integrated AI platform that continuously and fully autonomously learns from all interactions. It leverages Parashift’s unique Document Swarm Learning technology, which is considered a pioneer for fully autonomous document processing for all documents on the planet.

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Swarm Learning

How to get started

Talk to a document expert and get a free trial

We believe nothing replaces a conversation and a playful exposure to new technology. That’s why at Parashift, it all starts with a short remote meeting and your free trial. Usually takes less than 24h.

Get introduced to a Parashift solution partner

The Parashift ecosystem & community maximizes your success. We carefully select a solution partner in your region and finalize a proposal together. This usually takes 2-3 days.

Get first measurable results quickly

Instead of starting with a large project, we prefer to start with a simple use case. This quickly generates value and can be used as a blueprint for further document automation projects.

Powerful API, ready for your custom integration

You can integrate Parashift document automation with virtually any system via our powerful REST API.

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Frequently asked questions

What use cases have others implemented? chevron_right

In recent years, we have encountered many issues that have prevented companies from offering higher quality services at lower prices. We have written about some of them here.

Do I need to validate data? chevron_right

For invoices, orders, order confirmations, and delivery statements Parashift provides a fully validated data stream that does not require any further checking or correction. Other documents can be used without validation or be validated through our integrated validation cockpit.

Can I integrate Parashift into my software? chevron_right

Yes. There are three ways: Either use one of our integrations or choose a Parashift partner to build an integration to your system or, if you have developers in your team, build an integration using our standardized API.

Can Parashift handle variations in layout? chevron_right

As Parashift Platform is not a template-based extraction platform, dealing with ever-changing document layouts and formats is at the core of its capability. With Parashift, you never will be in need to configure static templates for new documents again.

Does this require a big project? chevron_right

No. Parashift provides a standard data model that serves most data points out-of-the-box. You can easily adapt and change configurations yourself. If you have special requirements, our customer success team is here to help.

Is Parashift GDPR compliant? chevron_right

GDPR is at the core of what we do at Parashift. We are fully EU-GDPR (EU-DSGVO) compliant and are used to handle compliance concerns and governance. Talk to one of our consultants regarding your specific data privacy requirements.

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