Intelligent Document Processing for Real Estate

Asset managers, administrators, real estate developers and other real estate companies use Parashift to streamline document processes.

Cost & time savings

High document volumes result in inefficiencies. Automation helps to accelerate business-critical processes.

Documents as data source

Data often remains locked away in documents. Parashift helps your teams turn it into measurable business value.

Fast response times

Document data gets to where it’s needed faster. This gives you time and a decisive advantage over the competition.

More operational agility

Processes can be adapted more quickly to new requirements. This allows more time and focus on customers and scaling your business.

Automation for real estate companies

Automate increasingly complex business processes, from input to actionable data.

Incoming mail

The sooner documents are transferred into structured data, the better you take advantage of your existing IT solutions. For example, our customers shorten information flows and increase process efficiency.

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AP invoices

Companies use Parashift to automatically read incoming invoices. This means that invoice reconciliations, account assignments, or approval processes can be triggered automatically and invoices can be paid and posted with less effort.

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Why IDP is so important for process optimization


Faster turnaround times and information flows

Document data is faster in the relevant systems and thus customer inquiries are processed more quickly.


Straight-through processing & more for specific business documents and processes

Through constant learning, more and more documents can be read without post-processing.


Cost savings after 6 months of operation, trend for more

Flexibility and performance allow CAPEX and OPEX to be drastically reduced compared to legacy solutions.

Increase your operational excellence and boost your returns

Real estate companies receive a large influx of documents and unstructured data every year. Managing this, in addition to stakeholder demands and uncertain returns, is time-consuming. Parashift helps to significantly simplify the processing and integration of this data, saving significant time and costs.

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Together with our partners we help you to implement effective use cases

At Parashift, we build on the industry expertise of our partners to always provide you with the best possible solutions.

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Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing. Simply and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing application landscape to add value to your business processes and reduce costs.

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