Capture incoming invoices without any intervention

Parashift reads data from your invoices, corrects where necessary and delivers it into your workflow system in a structured form to enable automatic posting.

100% data capture from day 1

Out-of-the-box solutions and the optional validation service allow immediate straight-through processing.

Works layout independent

Whether you have 20 or 70,000 suppliers. Parashift reads data without relying on templates.

End-to-end automation

Get all the data, even at the item level, to automate order reconciliations & more.

Peace of mind

Parashift takes care of document processing from A to Z. Your employees have nothing more to do with it.

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Get structured invoice data, just like that

Improve your accounts payable processes with modern OCR software. Parashift reads invoices layout- and language-independently and optionally delivers fully validated data. Typing is a thing of the past, once and for all.

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day setup and the whole thing runs, quite simply

You will receive correct data immediately after your account is created. No project is necessary for this.


Straight-through processing thanks to fully validated invoice data

Save yourself from tedious configuration and training projects. Use Parashift’s full validation.


Lower costs for operating business activities within the first year of operation

Organizations achieve rapid payback by simplifying OCR deployment and full validation through Parashift.


Complications and challenges you can solve

Manual intervention in the processing of incoming invoices with a large number of different document layouts leads to:

  • Processing times of sometimes more than a week
  • Tedious manual data entry demotivates your highly skilled employees
  • Cash discount is not used and thus negatively affects working capital
  • Supplier relationships that could easily be improved
  • Reduction in operational efficiency as multiple employees are involved in the process
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Why automation does not scale with legacy solutions

Legacy OCR solutions are focused on automating documents through the configuration and maintenance of templates. The lack of flexibility to easily and cost-effectively process many different document layouts results in a process that is still predominantly manual.

  • Configuring and maintaining templates are simply too expensive for automated processing of many different invoices
  • Each new supplier requires extensive and expensive setup and training time, which blocks business processes and still requires a lot of manual labor
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How Parashift can help you here

With Parashift’s out-of-the-box AP invoice solution pre-trained and ready to go, you can automate accounting processes from the start. Unleash unparalleled digitization potential:

  • One solution for all your vendor invoices, pre-trained and ready to go
  • Integrated document quality improvement and page separation
  • Focus on invoices typical for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also international documents in any language
  • Optional validation service to get rid of data entry completely
  • Easy integration into your existing application environment via a REST API
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We work with experts to maximize project success with you

With partners and subject matter experts in business engineering, infrastructure, compliance and more, Parashift maximizes project success for customers.

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Start your hyperautomation journey

Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing. Simply and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing application landscape to add value to your business processes and reduce costs.

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