Your people at Parashift

Parashiftians come from all walks of life and unite to pursue complex challenges and ambitious visions such as autonomous data capturing.

Customer success & sales people

Your direct link to the customer success team.

Mattia Rüfenacht
Business Development Manager
Edward Isarevich
Business Development USA
Manuela Rohr
Chief Customer Success Officer
Robin Kostenbader
Customer Success

Development & ML team

Enabler and coding wizards.

Markus Fleischmann
Product Manager
Lloyd Sanders
Machine Learning Engineer
Gilles Ramstein
Machine Learning Engineer
Ela Skirlo
Quality Assurance Engineer
Patrick Winter
Software Engineer
Pascal Weber
Software Engineer
Michal Kazmierczak
Software Engineer
Bart Kopinski
Software Engineer
Seosamh Cahill
Software Engineer
Shantanu Roy
Machine Learning Engineer

A place for world-class engineers and document heroes

Parashift has a goal to solve one of the most difficult challenges since autonomous driving: autonomous document extraction. This makes us the perfect team for ambitious engineers and colleagues seeking to improve document extraction processes.

Leadership team

Proven B2B and digital transformation specialists.

Andre Bieler
Chief Research & Innovation Officer
Jos Braaksma
Chief Product Engineering Officer
Andreas Isenring
Manuela Rohr
Chief Customer Success Officer
Thilo Rossa
Chief Product Officer
Alain Veuve
Founder & CEO
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