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Logistics and transportation companies around the world face increased competition, shrinking margins, and operational inefficiencies related to manual processes. When it comes to acquiring new customers and retaining top accounts, cutting prices is not an option. To offer superior service at a low cost, companies around the world are using Parashift to improve their logistics processes. Our powerful platform and world-class document AI help you increase efficiency and remain agile, for maximum impact.

Automate labor and time-intensive processes to save valuable time and resources.

Integrate Parashift to empower employees, boost business process automation, and drive growth.

Tap into a massive global learning network that delivers top-notch extraction performance.

Together with our partners, we help you implement impactful use cases

At Parashift, we build on industry expertise of our partners to always provide you with the best possible solutions.

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  • Transport order
  • Bill of lading
  • Import/export declaration
  • Delivery statement
  • Vehicle contract

Extract information from your logistics documents

Parashift Platform continually improves and adds document types that don’t require configuration or training. You save on lengthy and costly projects, and  start processing your most common documents from day one.

Some of the things we enable you to do

Transform your logistics processes, eliminate manual document processing, and deliver value-added services to your customers.

Fuel logistics processes with AI OCR

Accurately capture, archive and enable the search for specific data in any kind of logistics documents, including shipping point, loading group, delivery type and reference numbers. Based on retrieved data, you can implement comprehensive process automation and reduce operational inefficiencies.

Fast processing of air waybills (AWBs)

As the sole document accompanying goods, the air waybill is the information basis for all air freight. It provides direct access to all data such as the air waybill number, the name and address of the consignor or consignee, the departure and destination airports and, most importantly, information on whether special handling is required. With AI OCR, this information can now be integrated into surrounding systems easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Reduce processing times of custom forms

By configuring specific, individual document types according to your firm’s needs, you enable your workforce to automatically extract tariff and custom article information for every line item in a shipment, as well as plant-specific reference numbers, saving time and significantly reducing errors.

Shorten the last mile of goods delivery

Timely scan and extract documents for proof of delivery, to clearly and precisely know the time when goods are delivered to a designated location. This helps lower operational costs and increase efficiency.

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Together with our partners, we help you implement impactful use cases

At Parashift, we build on industry expertise of our partners to always provide you with the best possible solutions.

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