Over the past few days we have worked intensively (as always) on different fronts. Here are a few updates:

Basic Extraction API available to all from January

The Basic Extraction API, which we have been testing with our first customers for a few weeks, will be available to all of Switzerland and Germany from the beginning of January. We have now created the infrastructure so that we can handle large changes in the load by means of autoscaler. In addition, we were again able to increase the accuracy in many document types. The work on the general accuracy is never completed, on the contrary, we will significantly intensify our efforts in the coming months. The 100% Extraction API will be available for all new customers from the end of January.

Parashift Platform Launch

We will be launching the first customers on the Parashift Platform in January and will be piloting around 30 days. After that, we will make the Parashift Platform available to other customers. We will continue to work on Parashift Platform on a continuous basis. The pipeline for new functionality is already considerable. Practically every day, new ideas come along.

Integrations to ERP and Financial Software

We are about to build the first standard integrations for the Parashift Platform to ERP and financial software. Basically, we aim for as many standard integrations as possible. So if you are an ERP manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are interested in all cooperations in the SME segment.

We are looking for a Head-Business Development and Sales

After about 2 years of investment and research, it is now about the products based on our technology to establish in the market. We already have a lot of demand for the API products and are constantly seeing new requirements in sales, consulting and marketing. One of our key tasks in the coming weeks will be to build a resounding sales and marketing team. We’re looking for someone to complete our leadership team and build a resounding business development team

New Office

For a few weeks we moved into our new, much larger office and were able to complete all furnishing work. We have already visited various interested parties and customers. Here’s a little insight: