Parashift values & principles

Our corporate culture is based on simple but important cornerstones and represents our greatest asset.

Parashift is fundamentally aligned by five simple, value-driven principles.
Everything we do at a strategic or individual level is measured against these principles.

«We are one team.»

At Parashift, we see ourselves, our clients, and partners as one big team. We love collaboration and want to be valuable teammates. We pay close attention to who becomes part of the team, and when the going gets tough, employees come before customers, and customers before investors.

«Our best ideas win.»

We value intelligent, simple, and beautiful solution designs above all else. Regardless of who on the team came up with the idea. In our case, the team includes everyone working with Parashift.

«We maximize engineering.»

We approach challenges with an engineering mindset and maximize all actions for impact. And try to convert as much energy as possible into concrete results.


«We constantly deliver.»

We know actions make a difference! We are not afraid to make commitments and deliver on our promises — regardless of how small or large the endeavor.

«We protect.»

We protect what’s most important to the team. Our daily actions are aimed at protecting what is important to us — customer data, the health of individual team members, our team, and our company.

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