In the last few days, we have worked out our vacancies for the coming months and are now starting to look for new team members.

Probably not for everyone

With Parashift we were able to reach several milestones this year: We built our technology/software platform so that we could scale quickly, built additional products and brought talented and very professional people into the team. And we haven’t lost that sense of humor, despite the usual setbacks and rainfall.

Building products and services based on fundamentally new technology is a particularly difficult discipline in “start-up sports”.  DeepTech always needs a lot of money with almost no revenue streams in sight. We are therefore grateful that we have investors on board who see the long-term relevance of technology like ours and take the corresponding risk.

Very ambitious projects, however, not only take their toll on investors but also on employees. I am proud that we have been able to grow into a team consisting of talented and motivated people. We must continue along this path – and it is in this light that we are looking for new colleagues.

The task

Our task for next year is quickly explained: We are transforming Parashift into a driving, fast growing, thriving business. We are currently focusing all our efforts on this. Surprisingly, in the last few weeks we have already been able to get a number of great leads in, with who we will be able to tackle concrete projects in the coming weeks.

Secondly, we are expanding our machine learning team and our development team. By definition, our products are never finished, we don’t throw big releases but are constantly adding new features. We are convinced that those companies that remain radically innovative will win in the long run.

Who we are looking for

Our recruiting page was launched last week. We are looking for people in the areas of sales, projects, software development and machine learning.

All information can be found here

What can you do?

If you want to help us, then we are grateful for every recommendation, every share in the social networks.

And, if you feel like working in a busy, euphoric team on really new tech things and also fit our requirements, then simply send us your application directly. We look forward to talking to you.