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OCR Project

SaaS Capture Solution: Deliver better OCR results easier and faster

Delivering OCR projects used to be tedious. The game has changed. Learn how you too can make your projects easier.


Energy bills: How companies can automatically determine their carbon footprint

CO2 is becoming more and more expensive. Therefore, it is time for companies to measure their footprint and move towards a low-carbon economy.


Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR): Status quo, challenges and solutions

Regardless of industry or company size, documents with handwritten text are a challenge in daily business everywhere. We offer a solution.


Automated accounting: How the step from manual to automated accounting is finally possible?

The manual entry of accounting documents makes the digitization and automation of business processes enormously difficult. Time for a change.


“Imagine a world where document extraction is completely autonomous, super accurate and pain-free. This is what we at Parashift are working on.”

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