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Cloud-based AI OCR

Making the move to cloud-based AI OCR: key considerations

As technology has advanced, software that is installed and operated on-premises has shifted more and more to the cloud. This is also the case in the area of OCR software.

OCR Project

SaaS Capture Solution: Deliver better OCR results easier and faster

Delivering OCR projects used to be tedious. The game has changed. Learn how you too can make your projects easier.

blog article feature

Energy bills: How companies can automatically determine their carbon footprint

CO2 is becoming more and more expensive. Therefore, it is time for companies to measure their footprint and move towards a low-carbon economy.

Business and Digital Transformation

How to get started with IDP: Best practice for getting started with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

More and more people are talking about IDP. But where to start? In this whitepaper, we make it easy to get started with best practices and a 5-step guide.

blog article feature

Automated accounting: How the step from manual to automated accounting is finally possible?

The manual entry of accounting documents makes the digitization and automation of business processes enormously difficult. Time for a change.


Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR): Status quo, challenges and solutions

Regardless of industry or company size, documents with handwritten text are a challenge in daily business everywhere. We offer a solution.


“Imagine a world where document extraction is completely autonomous, super accurate and pain-free. This is what we at Parashift are working on.”

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