Skip All The Boring Accounting Work With Parashifts AI Based Accounting Document Management.

How Parashift Platform works.

1. Import accounting documents daily

Your accounting documents get automatically imported, converted, encrypted and signed. Just upload or send via e-mail.


2. Parashift extracts accounting information - no manual work required

Accounting information such as line items, tax information, addresses and references is fully and completely extracted from the document. General ledger input is created automatically.

3. Route accounting documents and approve accounts payable

Using the rules & workflow functionality, you set up your own workflows of approval easily. No training required. Doing so, Parashift Platform knows which document is an invoice that needs approval from a department and which document is just a regular accounting document that can be processed directly.

4. Integrates with your accounting software

All accounting data flows into your accounting software.

No need to send perfect documents.

Parashift Platform was built for the everyday life in accounting departments. We know, scanned documents are never perfect – so we don’t require them to be perfect.

Just send any kind of accounting documents, such as invoices, cash receipts and credit card receipts. As long as a human can read it, the processing will work.

All documents are converted to secure and signed pdfs automatically, so you can get rid of paper (depending on local law).

What does zero manual work mean?

Parashift extracts 100% of the relevant information from accounting documents including line items. There is no need to verify. “Zero” enough?

Parashift creates general ledger input at the quality level of a certified accountant.


Document inbound

Send documents from your multi-function printer, mobile phone or via e-mail. No need to label. Just keep sending receipts and invoices.

Signed PDFs

Documents are automatically signed & converted to a secure PDF format. You can archive your accounting documents electronically.

100% Document Extraction

Never ever again waste your time validating or correcting invoice and receipt data information. Parashift Platform does all the work.

General Ledger Input

Robo-Accounting ain’t just another buzzword, Parashift does your full nominal account coding. Even with complex transactions.

Invoice & Receipt Routing

If x, than trigger y.  Setting up rules and basing actions for document on these rules is as simple as posting on Facebook.

Workflow Flexibility

Configure workflows yourself whenever you need to. It’s easy, intuitive and quick. Configure as many as you want.

Purchase Order Matching

Match Purchase Orders from your ERP through simple rules. Importing data is easy and does not need an integration setup necessarily.

Document visibility

Never search accounting documents again. The powerful search brings all the team’s accounting documents to your fingertips.

Tasks & Notes

Take notes and tasks for documents which need additional information and clarification. Assign tasks to your colleagues.

Export & Archive

Archive all accounting documents directly on the platform and export document sets based on filters directly in one batch.


Integrate Parashift Platform into your RPA setup by using the Accounting Document Management APIs.

Secure & Encrypted Cloud

Your data is save, secure and encrypted on Parashift Platform. The data is stored in your country (UK, GER, CH and US available so far).

Pricing & Subscriptions.


Start 14 days trial

All the features

3’000 Documents p. a.
with 97% extraction included

5 Gb storage

max. 10 users

€ 590 / month


Start 14 days trial

All the features

10’000 Documents p. a.
with 97% extraction included

25 Gb storage

max. 25 users

Optional: 100% Document Extraction
€ 0.55 p. document

Optional:  Nominal Account Coding
€ 0.30 p. document

€ 890 / month


Get a quote

All the features

Unlimited documents,
any kind of extraction

Unlimited storage

Unlimited users

100% Document Extraction
Nominal Account coding

Multi-Tenant Functionality
Special setups


The Parashift Platform TCO. Second to none.

Key features.

  • Works without any specific rule or template setup. It’s completely AI based.
  • Parashift Platform is a turnkey SaaS service.
  • With the 100%-option, companies can fully avoid any manual work with AP.

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