Bolten IT Solutions GmbH


Bolten IT Solutions GmbH

Bolten IT Solutions: Leading AI Innovation in Clinical Document Management

Established in 2023 and headquartered in Bruneck, Südtirol, Bolten IT Solutions is a pioneering force in the software development landscape for the healthcare sector. Specializing in the advanced management of clinical documents, the firm leverages artificial intelligence to digitize, separate, categorize, and operationalize clinical data with unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

Its AI-powered solutions are designed to streamline the processing of clinical documents, offering:

- Automated Separation: Efficient separation of documents into individual files for easier management.

- Precise Categorization: AI-driven classification of documents into industry-standard file plans such as KDL, IHE, MD as well as individual file plans and future customization.

- Advanced Data Extraction: Leverage AI for superior data extraction that enables effective data organization, filtering and searchability and makes content such as findings text, lab data, etc. usable.

The implementation of its solutions transforms document processing from a weeks-long endeavor to a matter of minutes, significantly reducing workload and enhancing workflow efficiency for healthcare providers.


Strategic Advantages:

- Speed: Document processing times are drastically reduced.

- Accuracy: Leveraging AI for precise document categorization and data extraction.

- Interoperability: Ensuring seamless integration with existing healthcare standards and systems.


Bolten IT Solutions is redefining clinical document management, setting new efficiency standards in the healthcare sector with our AI-driven approach.