About us - Parashift AG

Get Documents Done.

«We envision a world, where document processing is done completely autonomous and in real-time. And almost for free.»

Contrary to popular belief, document processing is anything but solved. And the need for it to be solved is growing as companies are desperate to find ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, process continuity, and system efficiency. That’s why we at Parashift are developing technologies that enable the autonomous processing of all kinds of business documents at less than 1 cent per document, in seconds and in superhuman quality.


Basic research in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Extensive machine learning know-how.

The Parashift team is breaking new ground in the research of machine learning solutions. Our efforts in machine learning-based document extraction has resulted in numerous patents and proprietary technologies.

Parashift's versatile machine learning platform.

We have built a highly versatile machine learning platform that combines simple and efficient data and model management with human annotation of a large pool of aggregated data.

Deep learning from humans.

Multidimensional machine learning clusters learn particularly well and quickly from qualified human interactions. We use this effect and scale our efficiency accordingly.


We are convinced that technology empowers mankind and amplifies human qualities. However, as the newly developed technologies, especially those in the field of artificial intelligence, are incredibly powerful, mindful and well-intentioned actions are absolutely crucial when building and deploying these. That’s why we are paying lots of attention to how we make use of them.

With the technologies we build, we want to foster a paradigm shifts in the way paper work gets done and allow for more space for creativity and opportunities.

Our responsibility is to ensure that we only work with people who share the same basic humanist values. Because of that, for example, we do not work with companies who manufacture weapons, war equipment or harmful substances. Furthermore, we refuse to cooperate with religious or seductive organizations of any kind. We also reject companies known for corruption, child labour, slave labour, prostitution or other unethical practices.


The Parashift Team

Andre Bieler
Shantanu Roy
Manuela Rohr
Alexsander Wdowiński
Seo Cahill
Florian Denert
Andreas Isenring
Michal Kazmierczak
Lloyd Sanders
Bartosz Kopiński
Thilo Rossa
Sarah Corpataux
Gilles Ramstein
Jacek Brozek
Jan-Hendrik Heuing
Alain Veuve

Did you know?

  • The founders of Parashift have extensive experience in building technology companies.
  • Parashift is developing proprietary AI technologies that go beyond the boundaries of what people thought would be possible.
  • The document classification and data extraction API is the first of its kind.