Quit tedious manual bookkeeping work. With next level document AI.

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Parashift Platform - the turnkey solution for accounting documents.

Say goodbye to manual work. Designed for midsize companys, designed for ease of use. At a fraction of cost. Learn more

Work smarter. Save time. Massively reduce cost.

Zero manual data entry work. Zero.

The Document Extraction of Parashift Platform works just out of the box without templates or configuration.

Full document flexibility. Easy, safe and secure.

Create workflows or rules for handling documents completely yourself. Workflows are configured in minutes.

No project, no capex, sign-up and start saving.

Productive in one single day: You don’t need no project, no lengthy negotiations. Just open an account and you are set.

Key Capabilities.

Unprecedented Extraction.

Parashift’s AI-based clusters achieve unprecedented accuracy in reading accounting documents. For invoices it is at 99.4% on average.

No Templates, No Set-Up.

Thanks to AI, Parashift does not require any set-up or templating for Document Extraction. It just distills its experience from processing myriads of documents.

Not Only Invoices.

Parashift processes all types of accounting documents, not only invoices, but also receipts, etc. All documents are stored in a simple, secure and compliant way.

Made For The Real-Life.

Send documents in poor quality, photographed with mobile phones, created with the workgroup scanner. As long as a person can read them, everything is fine.

Groundbreaking Accounting AI

Parashift does fundamental research to process documents and accounting processes autonomously, i.e. without human work. The foundation of this technology is the combination of a multitude of artificially intelligent systems.

Powerful Document Extraction & Robo-Accounting APIs

Basic Extraction API

AI based Document Extraction API, for invoices & receipts including line items at an average accuracy of 93.9 %. Learn more

100% Accuracy Extraction API

An extraction API, completely omitting any human manual data entry or validation work for accounting documents. Learn more

Robo-Accounting API

Extracts data, generates general ledger input, line item per line item. At certified accountant quality level. Learn more

Did you know?

  • Parashift works for all kinds of accounting documents such as invoices, cash-receipts and credit card receipts.
  • No templating needed. Just send documents and you are set.
  • You can integrate extraction and accounting intelligence into your applications.

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