Process every kind of business document using AI

Parashift AI Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) helps organizations to minimize the time spent manually processing all documents across all use cases by continuously learning from all data processed.

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Companies of all sizes rely on Parashift AI IDP with Document Swarm Learning®

Next generation Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) AI

Next generation AI: Document automation for existing processes and applications

Leading AI-Innovation in IDP
Leading AI-Innovation in IDP
Latest AI: Parashifts LLM, One Touch Learning® and Document Swarm Learning® & optionally OpenAI LLM.
Document Separation
Separate batch-documents into single documents intelligently through AI or legacy methods.
Document Classification
Identify & Sort standard or your individual documents according to their type. Using AI.
AI Data Extraction
Read data from your documents using Document Swarm Learning® AI, LLM and One Touch Learning®.
Unlimited Use-Cases
400+ Document-types out of the box. Create your own specific use-case.
Human In The Loop
Combine human and machine work intelligently using AI.
Cloud AI - OCR API
Integrate Document AI capabilities into your applications and processes.
Enterprise-Grade Security
Process sensitive data meeting highest InfoSec and Compliance standards.

Cover all use-cases easily using latest AI technologies.

Parashift uses next generation AI technology such as Document Swarm Learning®, One Touch Learning® and LLMs in one secure cloud-native platform. It enables enterprises to quickly and easily cover all document automation use-cases either through 400+ out-of-the-box models or adapted capabilities.

Process hundreds of use-cases with one platform

Excellent for Invoices but not limited to them.

Parashift Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) doesn’t limit your Intelligent Document Processing journey to invoices. It’s built for all documents in all processes.

98+% Accuracy on field level
Including complex Line-Items.
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The first IDP Platform that continuously learns from all documents it processes.

Parashift is built on proprietary Document Swarm Learning® technology that maximizes continuous AI-based learning across all use cases and customers in a fully GDPR-compliant way. While other solutions need to learn from hundreds of your documents, Parashift has already learned from millions. Before you even start using it.

15x faster time to solution
Due to hundreds of pre-configured/trained capabilities
Broad Coverage
Language angostic & versatile.
Go Cloud, Go AI.

Why choose Parashift?

Get immediate value from the combination of secure and truely next gen cloud AI document processing.

Add AI document automation across your entire organization.

Reduce the time your teams spend sorting and processing documents by using AI based Intelligent Document Processing.
No need to replace your proven business applications.
Just add latest AI document automation to your existing processes.
Combine human work and AI
Intelligent human in the loop exception management allows for quick ROI.
Start with one use-case - and add more step-by-step yourself
50+% of all Parashift clients configure Enterpreis use-cases themselves.
Auto-improve capture accuracy
Continuous learning allows for zero automation maintenance.

Add AI OCR API instead of wasting time onto hard to solve OCR problems.

Now you are able to automate all kinds of documents in your software product.
Scale and adapt Deep-OCR APIs to your needs yourself
Out-of-the-box capabilities. Easily create your own without a lot of training.
Integrate learning data from your application
Send back learning data through the feedback API for continuous model improvement.
Get a full data payload including coordinates and confidences
Get candidates, alternative values as well as context information within the payload.
Cover hundreds of use-cases in one single API
One API for all your use-cases. Use webhooks to stay on top of processes and interactions.
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Read what Analysts such as Quadrant, Everest and Gartner publish on Parashift IDP.

Built for maximum flexibility and business agility in document automation.

Parashift IDP represents a new generation of Intelligent Document Processing platforms that leverage thousands of AI models in parallel to create large document data out of the box capabilities.

Legacy OCR and Capture
Today IDP Vendors
Parashift Platform
Secure Cloud API

Operated and run in a secure Cloud environment.

Great for hundreds of use-cases

400+ pre-built use-cases

No-Code & No-Expert Configuration

Conifgure Use-Cases yourself through a great UI

No need for templates

No need to create a template for each vendor

Continuous Document Swarm Learning®

15x shorter setup time, 50% better accuracy

Integrates easily with your favorite business application!

Use one of the pre-built IDP integration components created and maintained by our partners or use the Parashift API to create your own individual integration.

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