Intelligent combination of human and machine work

Add human intervention, validation and intelligence where it is needed to ensure downstream process quality.

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* AI improves continuously by learning from human interactions

Enterprise grade validation UI - constantly learning from your input
Built for fast process throuput -also operable only with the keyboard
Reduce work: Granularily steer exception handling
Configure automation rates through confidence threshold
Multitenant & Cross-Organizational collaboration
Add teams and groups for certain validation steps. Organize collaboration.
Extended QC features to ensure data quality
Systematically ensure the quality of the generated data by applying additional QC routines
Don't search but select: See prediction candidates
All prediction candidates are easily visible and selectable during validation
Validate in your application and feedback learning data
Use the feedback API to embedd learning data generated in 3rd party applications

Built for
inhouse validation and BPO teams

Differenct levels of precision confidences

See prediction and recognition confidences.

See predication candidates immediately

Select alternative capture candidates quickly.

Fast line item validation

Bulk-validate line items, just like that.

Intelligent Document Processing

One platform covering
all use-cases across your entire organization

Accounts Payable

Excellent for AP processing but not limited to it

Enterprise Intelligent Document Processing does not need to stop after automating AP. With Parashift you enable your organization to automate a wide range of documents.

Mailroom Automation

Lift your digital mailroom to the next level

Through the excessive use of AI, you can now process hundreds of different document types with a high precision.


Security and compliance for processing CID in the cloud

Automate any document process in banking in the cloud. Securely and compliant.

Individual use cases

One central Intelligent Document Processing platform

Consolidate your isolated OCR solution into one enterprise Intelligent Document Processing platform.