The future of OCR: Parashift OCR software for text recognition in all documents

Capture data from unstructured & structured documents without configuring rules or templates. Use the world’s most accurate and versatile OCR software.

  • Cover hundreds of use cases with a single cloud OCR API
  • Integrate continuous learning data from your application
  • Scale and customize the Cloud OCR API to meet your needs
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Invoices / AP

OCR software reads invoices with AI and reduces the effort up to 90%.


Reduces order entry effort up to 80% by reading orders with AI.

Incoming Mail

Read addresses with AI OCR software and save up to 90% in mail sorting.


Save up to 100% of form processing effort with the Online OCR API.


Configure specific use cases yourself and use them immediately via the OCR.

The first cloud OCR software API that continuously learns for text recognition online

  • Highest recognition rates for completely unknown documents and OCR PDF
  • Continually improves through the transactions of all customers
  • More training data generates ever better and new use cases
Document Swarm Learning

Any document, any process

OCR text recognition in all documents, no templates.

Classify documents

Classify documents easily via the Cloud API

Intelligent page separation

Separate batches via the Cloud OCR API using AI.

Play back learning data

Include learning data from your application in the training.

Best online OCR for invoices… and over 400 other document types

Integrate OCR text recognition of document data and classification of documents where you need it via easy-to-integrate, powerful OCR software. The API payload includes:

  • Complete OCR dump including token coordinates
  • Prediction candidates including confidence levels
  • Alternative prediction candidates
  • Document metadata such as language and quality
  • and much more

You can create new, individual document types and use the data from the OCR software immediately.

Use artificial intelligence for document OCR text recognition

Start with 90% accuracy for OCR PDF

gegenüber 30 % bei herkömmlicher OCR Software, dank KI.

Hundreds of use cases

Process all your documents through a single online OCR API.

High flexibility in details

Configure the fields you want to capture from documents such as PDFs using the Cloud OCR API yourself.

Roul Steigauf
Renjith Mohan
Bobby Leu
Guy Jerusalmi

Open and well documented OCR API

Integrate via the Cloud OCR API and use Artificial Intelligence in your applications and processes immediately. Just like that.

Deep OCR Cloud API

Parashift’s machine learning swarm technology combines learning data from all use cases and customers on the platform. Online Cloud OCR API done right.

Enterprise-class OCR API security and compliance

Parashift runs in ISO27001 and HIPAA compliant data centers. Secure OCR Scanner Cloud Software. OCR HIPAA ready.

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