Automatically sort and read your entire mailroom digitally.

Lay the foundation and start digitizing the mailroom so your company can process all incoming documents automatically.

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* Highest grade InfoSec and Compliance in the cloud

Accelerate your Digital Transformation!

Process all of your documents digitally

Lay the foundation and start digitizing the mailroom so your company can process all incoming documents automatically. Parashift works for hundreds of document types. Most of them available as a pre-configured standard.

Add AI document automation to your existing processes and applications.
Automate all document types - high and low volume use-cases - economically
Sorting and routing documents!

Collect, sort and read all incoming documents automatically

Free your employees from tedious sorting and typing tasks by automatically processing documents intelligently and routing the data extracted into applications.

All kinds of document types
Also works with scanned or photographed documents
Downstream data to your systems!

Integrate document data to CRM, ERP & DMS

To level up on document automation, you don’t need to replace your existing business applications. Simply integrate Parashift and benefit from latest document processing AI.

Integrate through our modern REST API (read more)
...or use pre-built connectors to your preferred core systems
Streamline your processes.

Enable a leaner & more efficient process landscape.

Since almost every process involves one or more documents, the simple and partially automated processing of documents is central. With Parashift you bring this automation into your existing processes.

Also works for small-volume-use-cases
Become a digital enterprise
Enterprise-grade security!

Process customer identifiying data (CID) secure & safely

Parashift is built to process all data – no matter how sensitive – in a secure and data-privacy-compliant way.

ISO-27001 certified
Assessed and used by Banks and Insurance companies
Save and accelerate!

Save operational cost and speed up!

Digitizing documents and having the entire inbox permanently accessible allows your company to save costs and significantly increase the operational pace at the same time.

Speed up your processing
Save on operational cost

Parashift is changing the digital mailroom.

Read what Analysts such as Quadrant, Everest and Gartner publish on Parashift.

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