Multiple options for automated page separation.

Use all kinds of page separation methods* to separate batch documents into individual documents automatically.

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*Including AI-based Intelligent Page Separation.

AI based Page Separation
Learns from separation interactions
Separator Pages
Use a separator page in the batch
Separation by Barcode
Separate batches using barcodes.
Fixed page separation
Separate batches after a fixed page.
Manual page separation.
Use Parashift UI to manually separate
Regex based separation.
Configure a regex to add separation rule

Send multiple documents in one file and intelligently seaparate them

Easy to use

Modern validation interface for page separations

Use the integrated validation interface to validate the separations made by the platform where needed.

Learning from Swarm Interactions

Continuously learns from all page separations made

Parashift learns from all page separations done on the platform and continuously improves the page separation capabilities.

Enable a new way of agile administration

Scan batches remotely on your office MFPs

Intelligent page separations enables mailroom teams to allow staff to decentrally scan all sorts of unsorted documents whereever they are.

Reduce tedious work

Get rid of sticking barcodes to your documents

Save time and money by being able to cut conventional process steps entirely.