Parashift OCR software
for text recognition in all documents

Capture data from unstructured & structured documents without configuring rules or templates. Use the world’s most accurate and versatile AI OCR software.

Cover hundreds of use cases with a single cloud online OCR API
Integrate continuous learning data from your application
Scale and customize the Cloud AI OCR API to meet your needs
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Using the Parashift Intelligent Document Processing AI OCR API, developers can integrate top-notch OCR software into their platforms, making it easier for users to access online OCR services and transform images into structured data.
Next generation AI based OCR API for 400+ use cases

Excellent for Invoice AI OCR but not limited to them.

Invoices OCR AI
Read Line-Items, due dates, payment conditions and many other fields
Purchase orders
Read purchase order data such as article numbers, amounts, unit of measure
Identity cards
Read identity cards using AI OCR to streamline online onboarding processes.
Bank statements
Extract line positions, bank account numbers, valutas and balances
Read and classify letters from clients, suppliers and more using AI OCR
Process any kind of form in your company using Parashift platform
Use 400+ other standard...
Use more than 400 standard document types ready to use.
...or create your own
Create your own specific doctype through the intuitive no-code interface

The first cloud AI OCR software API that continuously learns for text recognition online

Highest precision for completely unknown documents and OCR PDF
Continually improves through the transactions of all customers
More training data generates ever better and new use cases

Online OCR text recognition in all documents, no templates. Create your own use-cases for document data extraction with AI.

Classify documents easily via the Cloud AI API, just activate different document types and start sorting document types automatically.

Separate batches via the Cloud API using AI.

Include learning data from your application in the training. Read more about Parashift Document Swarm AI.

Best online OCR AI API for invoices...and over 400 other document types

Integrate OCR text recognition of document data and classification of documents where you need it via easy-to-integrate, powerful OCR software. The API payload includes:

Complete OCR dump including token coordinates
Prediction candidates including confidence levels
Alternative prediction candidates
Document metadata such as language and quality
and much more

You can create new, individual document types and use the data from the OCR software immediately.

Legacy OCR and Capture
Today IDP Vendors
Parashift Platform
Secure Cloud AI API

Operated and run in a secure Cloud environment.

Great for hundreds of use-cases

400+ pre-built use-cases

No-Code & No-Expert Configuration

Conifgure Use-Cases yourself through a great UI

No need for templates

No need to create a template for each vendor

Continuous Document Swarm Learning®

15x shorter setup time, 50% better accuracy

Use Artificial Intelligence for document OCR text recognition

Up to 98% accuracy per field

Compared to 30% with legacy OCR software, thanks to AI.

Hundreds of use cases

Process all your documents through a single online OCR API.

High flexibility in details

Configure the fields you want to capture with the cloud OCR API yourself.

Document Classification

Classify between different document types using AI API.

Human in the Loop Options

Based on confidence values, document that need validation are sent to HITL.

Secure & Compliant

Delete documents without loosing the AI training data.

Clients & Partners about Parashift

Market & Client Voices

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What is the future of OCR?

Traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology designed to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files, or images captured by a digital camera, into editable and searchable data. It primarily focuses on recognizing and converting printed or written text characters. However, its performance rapidly degrades when dealing with complex layouts, cursive handwriting, or low-quality scans.

On the other hand, new AI-based Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions like Parashift go way beyond simple character recognition. It leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to understand the context, structure, and semantics of the content. IDP can identify and extract specific information from complex documents, differentiate between various document types, and handle nuances in language and presentation. This makes AI-based IDP more robust and versatile in processing a broader range of document complexities and variations.

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Using the Parashift AI OCR API, developers can integrate top-notch OCR software into their platforms, making it easier for users to access online OCR services and transform images into structured data.