Save up to
90% of manual effort
with AI based Accounts Payable Software in the cloud.

Invoice automation without configuring rules or templates. Use the world’s most accurate and versatile Invoice OCR API.

For SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Micorosft Dynamics, Sage and many more.
Can also be easily integrated into your software via API or CSV
Configure new fields yourself easily with the no-code platform.
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Using the Parashift Intelligent Document Processing AI OCR API, developers can integrate top-notch OCR software into their platforms, making it easier for users to access online OCR services and transform images into structured data.
Reduce Costs
Parashift’s invoice processing automation uses AI to read invoices and reduce effort by up to 90%.
Minimize turnaround time
Invoice Data Capture can reduce the turnaround time of incoming invoice processing by up to 90%.
Reduce errors
By combining both machine and human labor, invoice processing errors are reduced.
And delivery notes?
Parashift recognizes a wide range of document types, covering your Purchase to Pay processes.

The first Accounts Payable Software platform that continuously learns from all processed invoices.

Highest recognition rates for completely unknown invoices
Continually improves through incoming invoice processing of all customers
More training data generates an ever improving processing OCR

OCR text recognition in all invoices, no templates.

Automatically distinguish invoices, order confirmations, delivery bills and 400 other document types.

Separate invoice batches through the platform with AI.

Include learning data from your ERP into the models.

Intelligent control of the invoice validation process.

Parashift detects whether a document needs to be validated by an operator based on confidence levels and enables the validation of the invoice on the platform or in the application of your choice.

Add individual fields easily on your own
Over 200 standard fields such as VAT, payment deadline, item number, etc.
Validation of results with rules
Document metadata such as language and quality
All functionality consumable via Invoice OCR API

Integrate invoice automation into your ERP system using standard integrations.

Use Artificial Intelligence for AP invoice automation

Start with 90%+ accuracy

Compared to 30% with legacy OCR  invoice processing software, thanks to AI.

Accounts Payable invoice processing

Parashift platform learns with every invoice processed and thus continuously increases the invoice capture quality

Global invoice automation

By using Parashift, accounts payable invoice processing can be centralized globally.

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