Automatically classify hundreds of of different document types.

Use more than 400+ pre-built document types or quickly set-up your own document type for classification.

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*Including building your own classification model

400+ Standard Document Types available
Activate pre-built document types with one click
Create your own specific Document Type
No-Code UI for easy Document Type configuration
Define Confidence Threshold for Human in the Loop
Intelligently and granularily steer exception handling
Fast classification validation interface
Built for Mailroom & BPO teams
Ready to deal with hundreds of Use-Cases
Large client classify up to 600 different Document Types
Build your own Classification model easily
Build your own specific model for you individual document needs

Sort and route your daily document stream automatically

Next level AI

Lift your digital mailroom to the next level

Through the excessive use of AI, you can now process hundreds of different document types with a high precision.

Gain operational efficiency

Reduce your input management efforts by up to 90%

Experience a new level of efficiency by adding Parashift Intelligent Document Processing to your existing processes and applications.

Document Swarm Learning®

A system that continuously learns from all documents

Instead of setting up a lengthy and costly project, simply add the Parashift platform and let it learn from the processed documents.

A new level of business agility

Add your new use cases within minutes not days.

Parashift’s intuitive, easy-to-use no-code user interface makes adding and configuring new use cases simple and fast.