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Use AI-based Intelligent Document Processing to digitize your mailroom

Now you can! Use hundreds of document types out of the box to reduce your mailroom cost and cycle time by up to 90%.

Automate hundreds of document types in your mailroom

Best for medium and large global enterprises. 14-day trial & Demo.

Unlike any other mailroom IDP vendor


Built for the digital enterprise

Parashift Platform is the most advanced AI-based platform that integrates with your digital central mailroom solutions. Automate incoming mail, get rid of mailroom boxes, optimize processes and use Parashift to:

  • Boost your Shared Service Center
  • Reduce processing cycle times
  • Reduce overall cost
  • Free your staff from tedious work
  • Establish central mail processing
  • Become a fully digitally enabled enterprise

and process hundreds of document types without replacing your proven business applications. Just like that.

Used by the greatest global customers and partners.


Parashift Customers

Use Artificial Intelligence in the mailroom

No templates – no hassle

Parashift has been trained on millions of data points for all use-cases. Get started with high automation rates.

All documents – all processes

Parashift reduces manual interventions to the absolut minimum.

Industry-grade data validation

Human in the loop on the Intelligent Document Processing platform verifying results if necessary.

Roul Steigauf
Renjith Mohan
Bobby Leu
Guy Jerusalmi

20+ integrations

Connect through the API or one of the integrations to M-Files, SAP, Salesforce, UiPath and many more to bring Intelligent Document Processing into your existing applications.

Next Level Mailroom AI

Parashift’s swarm machine learning technology combines learning data from all mailroom use-cases and customers on the platform, enabling the best intelligent document processing solutions.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Parashift runs on ISO27001 and HIPAA compliant data-centers. Secure mailroom document capture and understanding solution.

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