Automate your digital mailroom with AI

Route all of your organization’s document input through Parashift and automate routing and retrieval for any use case.

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* includes powering your existing mailroom applications

Multiple channels - multiple downstreams
Integrate document inflow from your applications and provide generalized data from document to your applications.
Separate & sort mass amount of document inflow
Reduce your costs and turnaround times by automating the sorting and routing of all the documents in your organization.
Work decentralized, work digitally
Todays after-pandemic world requires a digitallly, decentralized workmode. Also for documents.
Approve and validate document data
Read data from documents and present data to the right users and departements.
Enhancing your existing document infrastructure
Parashift is an add-on to existing DMS infrastructure, not a replacement.
Documents, secure and compliant in the cloud
Use a secure, enterprise-grade, cloud-native infrastructure for your digital mailroom.

Power up your
digital mailroom

Send document via E-Mail

Parashift parses relevant documents from your E-Mails

Assign documents in your organization

Assign documents & batches to teams, departements and users.

Build your own automation

Reduce the load on your workforce by delegating mundane document tasks to the machine.

Intelligent Document Processing

One platform covering
all use-cases across your entire organization

Accounts Payable

Excellent for AP processing but not limited to it

Enterprise Intelligent Document Processing does not need to stop after automating AP. With Parashift you enable your organization to automate a wide range of documents.

Mailroom Automation

Lift your digital mailroom to the next level

Through the excessive use of AI, you can now process hundreds of different document types with a high precision.


Security and compliance for processing CID in the cloud

Automate any document process in banking in the cloud. Securely and compliant.

Individual use cases

One central Intelligent Document Processing platform

Consolidate your isolated OCR solution into one enterprise Intelligent Document Processing platform.