Read and process any datapoint from your documents using AI

Use more than 400+ pre-built document types or quickly set-up your own document type for data extraction from any kind of document.

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*Including building your datapoint configurations backed by AI

400+ Standard Document Types
Activate pre-built document types with one click
...and create your own
Easily create your own individual doctype through an intuitive no-code UI
Define Confidence Threshold
Intelligently and granularily steer exception handling
Read all kinds of data points
Start processing documents that you have not been able to
Document Swarm Learning®
Parashift platform runs 2000 AI-models in parallel to provide general IDP capabilities
Everything API
Get coordinates, confidence values, candidates and more over the API

Configure every
document automation easily

Configure individual confidence thresholds

Granularily configure confidence thresholds on field levels.

Add pre-trained fields

Choose from hundreds of pre-trained fields. Add with one click.

Create your Document AI models yourself

Where no standard field is available, you just create your own model.

Intelligent Document Processing

One platform covering
all use-cases across your entire organization

Mailroom Automation

Lift your digital mailroom to the next level

Through the excessive use of AI, you can now process hundreds of different document types with a high precision.

Accounts Payable

Excellent for AP processing but not limited to it

Enterprise Intelligent Document Processing does not need to stop after automating AP. With Parashift you enable your organization to automate a wide range of documents.


Security and compliance for processing CID in the cloud

Automate any document process in banking in the cloud. Securely and compliant.

Individual use cases

One central Intelligent Document Processing platform

Consolidate your isolated OCR solution into one enterprise Intelligent Document Processing platform.