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Parashift is unlike anything else on the market. As the first enterprise-ready, cloud-native, AI-powered platform for intelligent document processing, we are pioneering in many areas.

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Document Swarm Learning®
Document Swarm Learning®

Parashift learns across all use-cases and all tenants on the platform, generating a massive data-network for document intelligence while maintaining highest InfoSec and Compliance requirements.

Delete documents, don't loose training
Delete documents, don't loose training

Minimize data exposure to the minimum by continuously deleting all documents and data without loosing the training. Parashift uses its proprietary training data format to further train models.

Process every kind of document
Process every kind of document

Use 400+ pre-configured document-types or create your own. Stay in full control by configuring new use-cases with the no-code UI. Parashift increases your digital agility

High security cloud solution
High security cloud solution

Parashift is built to meet highest Information Security and Compliance requirements. This is why Banks and Insurance Companies use Parashift to process CID and other highly sensitive data on documents in the cloud.

Built for true versatility.

“There are hundreds of solutions focusing on reading invoices, but very few that truely capture the full spectrum of business documents.


We’ve built Parashift to be the global to-go solution for all Enterprises that process hundreds of document-types in a secure and cloud-native way with AI.”

Alain Veuve (Founder & CEO)

Continuously learning from all documents.

Using the Parashift AI OCR API, developers can integrate top-notch OCR software into their platforms, making it easier for users to access online OCR services and transform images into structured data.

Contrary to conventional systems, Parashift Platform does not link learning models to specific document types. Instead, the platform splits models into extraction entities. Extraction entities represent a structured, normalized value to be found. In a software application, this can be a data field, for example.

Learns across all document-types
Learns across all tenants

Radically shorter set-up time

Thanks to Document Swarm Learning you start every use-case significantly pre-trained and due to the massive amount of divers, high-quality groundtruth data models improve as you process more and more documents.

15x faster time to solution
50% better accuracy results
Globally unique!

Delete your documents after processing without loosing training data.

Thanks to Parashifts proprietary training data format, you can now delete your documents and the data produced immediately after processing the document without loosing the ability to further use the learnings in future trainings.

Avoid mass-CID scenarios
Minimize your GDPR exposure without compromising on AI use
Built for maximum cloud security!

Safe and secure.

Parashift comes with all kinds of Information Security and Compliance features to make sure large Enterprises minimize their CID exposure to the absolute minimum.

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Globally unique!

Use Parashift Document Swarm Learning® to process hundreds of use-cases

Parashift Document Swarm Learning is based on the idea that combining all groundtruth data will evolve overall capabilities of the plattform. As a client you can benefit from the “swarm” as long as you contribute to it. Of course not data is shared at any given time.

Fully autonomous AI-cluster
Maintaining 2k+ models automatically
Full use-case coverage!

Process every kind business document using AI.

Parashift has a rich catalogue of over 400+ pre-configured document-types ready to use. Use those out-of-the-box, use-those as a template for your adapted document-types or start from scratch.

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