Accounting: The shortage of skilled workers that can be of no concern to us.

Digitization is in full swing, so to speak, and we have often been asked in recent months whether we wouldn’t be sorry that our technology will replace the work of so many people. On the one hand, the assumption that technology destroys work in the medium and long term is wrong in our view. On the other hand, the reality in bookkeeping and accounting is quite a different one: There is a shortage of bookkeepers and accountants.


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Why we are doing AI based document extraction

When we started building our technology for the autonomous processing of accounting tasks 2 years ago, we thought that the extraction of accounting documents was something that the industry had already solved. As we realized, this is not the case.


“Game Changer” Autonomization.

Automation was a big issue long before digitalization, but it has now picked up speed again. All companies want to automate. The demand is enormous. It is forgotten that the next step, autonomisation, is just around the corner and will become a game changer. Straight and above all for the software industry.


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