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Parashiftians come from all walks of life, banding together to pursue complex challenges and ambitious visions like autonomous data capture.

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“Imagine a world where document extraction is completely autonomous, super accurate, and pain-free.”

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Parashift - Mission

Document extraction as an everyday convenience

The Parashift team is committed to continuously building powerful technologies that empower customers and partners around the world to implement world-class document extraction solutions. Using our platform, companies can design business processes with unprecedented productivity and increased efficiency, deepening their relationships with staff, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

A fundamental paradigm shift

We are confident that autonomous data extraction will radically change the way companies shape their business. Autonomous document extraction is triggering a paradigm shift in business, far beyond document processing. This is due in part to an exponential increase of documents used in everyday business transactions. While many companies continue to spend time and money on manual document processing, Parashift is paving the way for completely autonomous document extraction capabilities.

Parashift Mission
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Aiming at fully autonomous document extraction in the long run

True global autonomous document extraction is a difficult technological challenge that is underestimated even by the smartest engineers. Our data and insights indicate a viable path to reach this technological achievement, despite the skepticism of naysayers. We encountered and overcome many setbacks as we work towards a fully autonomous document extraction.

Everything at Parashift is geared towards making this technological milestone a reality. As we deliver iterations of this technology into our Parashift Platform product, we continue to provide reliable results to companies and organizations around the world. Our goal is to have one API to accept and process all documents and return data with no human involvement.

A place for world-class engineers and document heroes

Parashift has a goal to solve one of the most difficult challenges since autonomous driving: autonomous document extraction. This makes us the perfect team for ambitious engineers and colleagues seeking to improve document extraction processes.

Leadership team

Proven B2B and digital transformation specialists.

Manuela Rohr
Chief Customer Success Officer
Andreas Isenring
Jos Braaksma
Chief Product Engineering Officer
Andre Bieler
Chief Research & Innovation Officer
Thilo Rossa
Chief Product Officer
Alain Veuve
Founder & CEO
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