Parashift case studies

Find testimonials from customers, learn more about the challenges they faced and the solutions our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform offers.

BSI and Parashift's partnership offers financial institutions a high-performance automation solution for the mortgage process.

With hundreds of document types, the volume of information the financial institutions sector has to process each year is immense. Discover how BSI and Parashift provide financial institutions with a performance automation solution.


How can Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) improve the customer experience while reducing costs?

By optimizing the internal process with the best IDP technologies, companies can guarantee a quality service while reducing costs. Discover the case of the Water and Electricity Department of the city of Buchs (EWB) which uses Parashift.

Claims Processing

Leading insurer uses Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to process claims in hours instead of days

Claims processing is the central hub for the acceptance, processing, and payment of claims. For the insured customer, it is often a frequent point of contact and therefore an important factor in overall customer satisfaction.

Medica case study

How Medica used Parashift's IDP platform to improve data processing and save time and money

Health insurance is a specific sector where the number of manual, unstructured, or semi-structured documents is breaking records. The processing of these documents is time-consuming and must be done thoroughly not to miss any errors.

simplyfile case study

How can simplyfile and Parashift help customers with their digital transformation thanks to AI-driven automation

The sector of Information management platforms needs to create significant and added value for a wide range of industries in the process of their digital transformation. Parashift Platform is, then, used to streamline and automate processes that rely on document data.

case study

How ocean freight payers reclaim overpaid ocean freight charges using Parashift IDP platform

The transport and logistics industry is gradually going digital, but there is still a long way to go regarding manual document processing. By automating the process, the companies involved considerably reduce the overpayment due to the numerous extraction and communication errors.


“Imagine a world where document extraction is completely autonomous, super accurate and pain-free. This is what we at Parashift are working on.”

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