Intelligent Document Processing

Start document automation with Intelligent Document Processing (AI).

Sort documents, read data and control processes. Digitize your company’s document processing with Intelligent Document Processing from the cloud.

  • Process all your company's documents and import them into ERP, DMS and CRM systems.
  • Enable internal service center approach - saves cost and streamlines your processes
  • No hug setup projects: Be able to react quickly and agilely to new business requirements

Sort documents

Distinguish hundreds of different document types automatically and intelligently for your processes.

Extract data

Through Parashift’s Document-Swarm-Learning® technology, highest accuracy rates are possible.

Validate extracted data

Validate the extracted data with your team or by rules on Parashift or in your application where necessary.

Downstream data

Import the extracted data and the associated documents into your ERP, CRM or DMS.

The first Intelligent Document Processing platform that continuously learns from all documents processed.

  • Automated document processing for completely unknown documents
  • Continually improves through document processing of all customers
  • More training data generates better and better document automation

No templates, no set-up training

OCR document management for all documents, no templates.

Classify documents

Automatically distinguish invoices, purchase orders, bank statements and 400 other document types.

Intelligent page separation

Separate entire batches of documents across the platform with AI.

Continuously feed back learning data

Include learning data from your business applications into Parashifts continuous model training.


Intelligent combination of human and machine for document data validation.

Parashift uses confidence levels to detect whether a document needs to be validated by an operator and enables validation of the extracted data on the Parashift platform or in the application of your choice.

  • Granular configuration at field level for Confidence Levels
  • Over 200 standard fields such as VAT, payment deadline, item number, etc.
  • Validation of capture results with the help of rules
  • Gain document metadata such as language and quality
  • All functions of the platform can be controlled and consumed via the API

Integrate automated document processing through AI into your ERP, DMS and CRM systems using standard integrations. Integrate your custom applications using the Parashift API.

Streamline document processing and reduce costs. Parashift’s unique Intelligent Document Processing technology.

Parashift’s Document-Swarm-Learning® technology continuously learns from all documents processed on the platform. As a result, Parashift has a huge automated learning set that continuously improves the data extraction accuracy  for all users on the platform.

  • Standardized use cases for almost all documents that can be activated with one click
  • Also create and train your individual models
  • 15x faster set-up time and about 50% better extraction results
Parashift Comparison

Integrations for AI-based document automation

Parashift’s Document Swarm Learning® technology integrates with all major DMS, ERP and CMS systems through standard integrations.

  • No huge and lengthy projects - Integrate easily via standards
  • Continue to use your proven specialist applications - no reason to change the tried and tested
  • AI-based document automation where you need it

Use artificial intelligence to reduce costs and get more out of your DMS

Start with 90% accuracy

compared to 30% for traditional document processing solutions, thanks to AI.

Automatic document processing that learns

Parashift platform learns with each processed document, continuously increasing document data extraction quality.

Save cost with the document processing software

By using Parashift, document processing automation is deployed at scale.

Roul Steigauf
Renjith Mohan
Bobby Leu
Guy Jerusalmi

Open and well documented document processing API

Integrate via the API for Intelligent Document Extraction and use Artificial Intelligence immediately in your DMS, ERP or CRM.

Digitized document processing with AI

Parashift’s Document Swarm Learning® combines learning data from all documents and customers on the platform. AI Document Extraction maximized.

Enterprise-level document processing security

Parashift runs in ISO27001 and HIPAA compliant data centers. We are a secure provider for Document Management OCR and Document Processing AI.

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