Readout your handwritten forms with AI OCR

Parashift provides high-performing AI for handwritten text recognition (HTR).

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Extract handwritten text in astonishingly high quality

Parashift’s AI goes beyond traditional Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) systems capabilities.

Extract custom handwritten forms, even if they’re of high variance and moderate quality. Deep learning technologies help us deal with the real-world messiness of different handwriting styles.

  • Finally a solution for fast processing of handwritten forms
  • Convert handwritten forms into actionable data
  • Significantly cut out human involvement
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Read out handwritten text

Use advanced deep learning technologies for handwritten text recognition (HTR).

Reduce manual data entry

Reduce manual data entry work and partially automate your document processing.

Save time and money

Our customers reduce up to 60% of human interaction in handwritten text processing.

Streamline workflows previously slowed down by manual data entry

Increase efficiency with reduced keystrokes to capture data from custom forms.

Using Parashift’s powerful extraction technology, your workforce can drastically increase throughput and save valuable time and money.

  • Increase your straight-through processing (STP)
  • Save time and money in a meaningful way
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Automate document processing for structured, unstructured, and handwritten text. Prashift Platform easily integrates with your existing software and business processes, for meaningful and accurate results.

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