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Capture data from your documents and get it back as a structured data stream.


Use the built-in human-in-the-loop AI to help constantly reduce human interaction.


Build end-to-end automation faster and fuel all of your digital transformation initiatives.

Use a wide range of standard document types out-of-the-box

Parashift Platform comes with dozens of standard document types that can be used out-of-the-box. Cover your use case without configuration, setup, or training. More standard document types are published every week.

  • Set up use case in minutes
  • Consistent no-code configuration options
  • Every vertical covered
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Classify all your documents

Parashift’s AI cluster allows you to classify supported standard document types automatically or set up custom classes.

  • Classify documents super fast
  • Implement your use case without writing code
  • Document classes from all industries
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Discuss your requirements with a Parashift partner close to you

Parashift partners advise and implement on end-to-end-solutions using Parashift technology. 

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Document data extraction

Read data from documents like a human would do. Text, numbers, tables, checkboxes, pictures – if it’s on the document, you get structured data.

  • Capture any data point without a big project
  • No-code data capture platform
  • Standard configurations from all industries
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Parashift Platform comes with the most advanced document data validation cockpit available. The platform analyzes the extraction results and skips the human-in-the-loop if it deems it appropriate.

  • Validate and train your AI on the fly
  • Optimized for highspeed
  • Equipped with modern functionalities
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Human in the Loop

Built with security and compliance at the core

We consider EU-GDPR and data security as one of our most important features. Parashift is used for the most sensitive documents by its clients. If security and compliance are very important to you, Parashift is the right solution for you.

  • Trusted by well-known brands
  • State-of-the-art security features
  • Fully EU-GDPR compliant
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Document separation

Identify batches and separate documents automatically through different methods like barcodes, blank pages, separator pages, or manual editing.

  • Process your documents in bulk
  • Separate pages automatically
  • Validate separated pages
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Software Landscape

Universal, horizontal Intelligent Document Processing

The Parashift Platform is completely focused on document classification and data capture. We deliver structured data results to power your business process automation and organizational growth.

  • Any document, any language, any process
  • Integrates with every 3rd party application
  • Rapidly reuse for a plethora of use cases
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3rd party integrations

Parashift’s partners have built and continue to rapidly build integrations into all document-related third-party systems available on the market. Alternatively, you can integrate Parashift into your custom application through our easy-to-use REST API.

  • Use pre-built integrations
  • Instantly create working prototypes
  • Super short time-to-value
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Trusted by companies worldwide

Ready to accelerate your document-based processes?

Integrate Parashift to dramatically cut costs and increase efficiency.

Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing, easily and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing software to provide a value-added service to your business processes.

Ready-to-use document types make it easy to get started. Or, quickly create new document types with our user-friendly document type editor.

Stop wasting valuable resources on manual data entry. Let Parashift power your automated document processing, with fast and reliable results.

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