Optimize your claims processing

Leading insurance companies use Parashift to read various document types to speed up their claims processing.

Ready to use document types

Insurance-specific document types are pre-trained and ready for immediate use.

Add new documents

New document types can be defined independently in minutes using the No-Code App.

Classification & extraction

Parashift classifies and extracts all your document types automatically.

BPO-ready validation UI

A BPO-ready validation interface speeds up document processing.

Realize more end-to-end automation

Parashift allows you to automatically classify TARMED bills, pharmacy receipts, optician bills, gym bills, and more, extract their content and prepare it for further processing using business logic. This enables an insurance company to have an end-to-end and fully automated processing process.

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Lower costs to implement your use case & document requirements

A repository of standard solutions for document types and data points shorten the project.


Effort for creating and configuring templates, because who wants to…

The Parashift Platform works without templates and requires minimal training.


Lower costs for operating business activities within the first year of operation

Insurance companies achieve rapid payback due to the solution’s unique functionality and performance capabilities.


Complications and challenges you can solve

Manual intervention in the processing of claims with a large number of different document types leads to:

  • Error-prone, leading to potential hidden compliance risks
  • Tedious manual data entry demotivates your highly skilled employees
  • Reduction of customer satisfaction and experience through a process that can take weeks to complete
  • Reduction in operational efficiency and loss of significant amounts as dozens of employees are involved in the process
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Why automation with legacy solutions is not scalable

Legacy OCR solutions are focused on automating high volume documents with the same layouts. The lack of flexibility to easily and cost-effectively add many different document types and layouts relevant to your claims processing results in a process that is still predominantly manual.

  • Many different document types with low to medium volume are simply too expensive for automated processing
  • Each new document type requires extensive and expensive setup and training time that blocks business processes and still requires a lot of manual labor
  • Customers upload scans or even photos in poor input quality, legacy solutions can't keep up
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How Parashift can help you here

With insurance-specific document types already pre-trained and immediately available, you can automate many different processes right from the start. New document types can also be added in the blink of an eye, unleashing unparalleled digitization potential:

  • Insurance-specific document types are pre-trained and ready for immediate use
  • Automatic classification and data extraction for all document types
  • Integrated document quality improvement and page separation
  • Focus on document types typical for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also international documents in any language
  • New document types can be defined independently in minutes with the No-Code App
  • A BPO-ready validation interface speeds up document processing
  • Optional validation service to get rid of data entry completely
  • Easy integration into your existing application environment via a REST API
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We work with experts to maximize project success with you

With partners and subject matter experts in business engineering, software engineering, compliance, and more, Parashift maximizes project success for clients.

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Parashift helps you automate your structured and unstructured document processing. Simply and seamlessly. We integrate with your existing application landscape to add value to your business processes and reduce costs.

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