Your digital evolution, their expertise.

As a leading partner in the realm of business process digitization, Managed Print Solutions, and Business Process Outsourcing, Faigle specializes in enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of the digital transformation era. With a forward-looking vision and a commitment to action, it combines a wealth of expertise with a distinctive suite of solutions. Leveraging extensive experience, it possesses a deep understanding of its clients' needs, collaboratively crafting tailor-made solutions that empower them in their daily operations. 

As a Swiss family business, service is an inherent part of its DNA. Through unwavering dedication, reliability, and flexibility, this company is dedicated to making the impossible a reality for its clients. 

Their mantra is 'Faster digital transformation through process digitization and automation.' Tailoring priorities and specific measures to individual digital shapes, they work tirelessly to enhance business performance. Whether it's streamlining your inbox, handling the entire process from reception to distribution, or scanning and transferring documents of any format into your digital filing system securely, they've got it covered. Your digital evolution, their expertise. 


Contact Information

76, Thurgauerstrasse, Zurich, 8050, Switzerland