Koelliker Büroautomation AG


Koelliker Büroautomation AG

Transforming office dynamics: Koelliker Büroautomation's innovative solutions for the modern workplace.

Established in 1947, Koelliker Büroautomation is a pioneer in revolutionizing office dynamics. Initially focusing on document processing machines, the company has evolved into a one-stop solution provider for modern office needs. Offering a range of cutting-edge office machinery and digital services, Koelliker assists clients in optimizing administrative processes. 

Key among its offerings is the MyKoelliker suite, featuring SmartLetter and SmartScan solutions. SmartLetter facilitates cost-effective and secure digital mail delivery, while SmartScan streamlines inbound mail processes. Essentially, Koelliker provides a virtual office environment, complete with traditional amenities and online secretarial support. 

 Emphasizing customer-centricity, Koelliker offers comprehensive services, from consultation to technical support and outsourcing. With a commitment to "doing more for you," Koelliker is dedicated to supporting clients on their digital transformation journey. In essence, Koelliker Büroautomation specializes in virtualizing critical, paper-intensive business processes for Swiss SMEs through an intuitive portal, meeting the evolving needs of modern workplaces.